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  • so to speak yes, but when I add the pokemon only arceus comes out, I would like to be able to put more in some way and configure it to my whim but not exactly how to add more.
    I want to be able to add more shapes but from other pokemon using the same routine as with giratina, example:

    Eevee Evolutions

    Sylvally Shapes

    Hey! Welcome back, it's great to see you're still around. Thanks for your kind offer! Gaia's development is still mostly done using the traditional means but I have been increasingly using C injections for new features lately. As for help with development, did you have anything specific in mind? At the moment, really, the only things the team is in need of is music composition, but I am open to suggestions for features coding-wise that you would be interested in contributing. Thanks for reaching out, I hope everything is OK with you irl at this time.
    Hey kleenexfeu, wanted to ask you help with something.
    I just saw your routine to check if the Player has a specific Pokémon in his party for Emerald and I'm wanting to give it a shot mainly because I'm bored.
    I inserted the routine at E3CF80 and made this script.
    The thing is:
    -If I press B on the Pokémon Party Menu, the NPC takes me to @yep automatically.
    -If I choose Torchic (0x118), the NPC sometimes takes me to @nope and some others to @yep.
    -If I choose a different Pokémon like Poochyena, the NPC takes me to @yep.

    What I'm I doing wrong?

    EDIT: BreadCrumbs spotted some problems with the routine at the community's discord and he fixed it.
    Now it's working correctly.
    Dizzy has almost totally hacked AI also.

    And about my work, it involves Front End (web page code), Controller (C# code) and Back End (SQL Database)
    It is actually Dizzy, who has done the major chunk of work. I am also not able to contribute fully due to office. Just targeting remaining abilities and some bug fixes mainly.
    Long time no see pal.
    Thins have changed a bit, most people ditched discord and went to Discord. Me included :D. Hit me on discord, we'll talk there. :P
    quick Q buddy. First of all, long time no talk! I need to get back into chats but IDK where everyone is ... either discord or IRC everyone keeps splitting it up. Anyways, did you ever complete that Adaptability ability for EM?
    Entonces como podría hacerlo para mi hack rom de FR, la verdad no se mucho de ASM, por eso pregunto a los expertos.

    Then how could I do it for my FR rom rom, the truth is not much of ASM, so I ask the experts.
    Sorry there is no way to adapt your contrary routine to FR

    disculpe hay manera de adaptar su rutina de contrary para FR
    Hello was to know how to put the inficator and mega trigger with the method of mega evolution yours
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