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  • i always have fancy names and they still change often hehe. i've been buying a home, getting engaged and trying to finish my phd. this year is buuuuusyyy
    lmfaooo i felt obligated after i joked about making it. and yeah it's like a whole new era rip the yonder years. i'm surprised anyone remembers i was on staff before LOL there are probably people that think i'm new
    ughhh i do Not go into the city like. ever lmfao not dealin with that. there was a shooting at the mall i was working at recently tho so there's That.
    drive through on your way to a better state LOL like i can't imagine any reason to go to atlanta unless you're a braves or falcons fan, Really Like Coke, or want to drop a mix tape. which you could always do the latter
    i am here for the gwen stefani reference thank you UGH take me back to 2006!!!!!! come out to a con and take pics of my cosplays xoxo feels like that's all i been doing lately aha.
    hey fam i was in the neighborhood and wanted to shout at you for the next time you sign on. hope you're well! i've been enjoying your photography!
    The hope is that interest in mafia will eventually grow back. You can still access the old UG to read though if you click the link I left in the announcement and we'll be putting one up in FG too.
    see this why i can't go live out there lmfao. i didn't go to their panel or signing this year like i did at last year's momocon so the fact i just ran into them made it cooler. i talked to protonjon a good bit last year actually. like we talked at the signing for a bit and then i ran into him at a vendor booth and it was funny bc we ended up enabling each other to buy japanese copies of games we already own LOL. ran into somecallmejohnny out on the dealer floor this year so that was cool too! got a pic w him! i look like ASS in the pic bc jarrett was like "oh let's take a selfie" when they're both way taller than me but lol.

    tl;dr cons are good, glad i became a weeb. lol
    just got done with momocon and thought you'd wanna know i was in a panel room and NCS came in and was sitting across from me lol. also talked to chuggaconroy briefly too. ofc it was after i started talking to him that i realized who he was bc i'm dumb lol.
    some MORE shit came out last night and heidi comin through with the receipts lmfao. he is never recovering from this for sure.
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