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  • ohhh that will be so great if you get to go!! you'll have to send me pics and stuff! i wanna go someday too, but it definitely won't be this year aha.

    jsdfklasdj didn't someone change his subreddit to a scott the woz one instead?? that's so funny... i was on twitter most of the day and i made the bad decision to look through the tag where he was trending and i saw his dick lmaoooo. gotta bleach my eyes tbh.
    i get that aha. that's like all you can do in alabama, too. that and like...go to dega when it's that time of year. there's literally nothing there. but i mean i'm more content to sit in my apartment and play games. i've never been much the type to get up and out there.

    ughhhh yes. i saw his statement thursday night before i went to bed. i woke up and jarrett was like "did you see projared cheated on his wife" and i was like Excuse Me What. then i got on twitter and saw heidi had them receipts READY TO GO. lmfaooo i read all that and watched the subscriber count go down all day. it was wild. ofc i unfollowed him everywhere. it's indisputable what he did, all the proof is out there. oh how the mighty fall lmfao. and yeahhh i have snap but i never check it anymore rip.
    happy for u :3c

    lots of changes with me! finally quit the job in april and have been traveling to australia and south africa (staying with marcin in his flat in SA until his job contract ends and he finds a job elsewhere so i can move with). lots of changes, but it's nice to finally be able to relax after years of 2-hour commutes each way and work stress @_@
    yay! i saw you became a full controller btw, glad that finally happened -thumbs up- comfortable life ahead i assume
    it's uhhhh atl lol. i don't live like IN there, i live more on the outskirts, closer to another city. other than having a lot more options in terms of food though, i don't really care for it.

    that's good!! it's better than being stuck somewhere you hate aha. the hard work pays off. :')
    oh boo. i don't have amazon prime. i'll probably have to ditch spotify soon too lol. living in atlanta is expensive so while i have no income then 8)

    yeaaah i suppose. i just keep trying to remind myself it just wasn't for me, but now that gives me two jobs on my resume that i had for less than four months lol. just kind of annoyed that my credibility seems tarnished but oh well. what can ya do. you still enjoy your stuff though, right? plz direct my flights lol.
    i was trying to finish the dex but i didn't have some of the LGP exclusives in go to send over and then i didn't have the ability to trade w anyone cause i don't have online. which is dumb bc it's so cheap and i kept meaning to get a subscription but lol.

    yeah, it's okay though. i really did not like it. :/ i was tracking freight, so i'd have to call drivers and dispatchers to get location and ETA updates for pick ups, deliveries, and all in between. like it's easy enough honestly, but they pressured us to make a certain amount of calls a day and i just. couldn't rise to it, which is pretty bs bc they told me that despite my lower call count, my loads were tracked well and i usually had a clean track board at the end of the day. so i don't see why the quantity of calls outweigh the quality of the job i did, but it's whatever. but oh well aha. i'm happy for you though!!! i remember when you were studying and how big those books were and it was wild. it's really great to see you come this far!! i know we don't talk a lot anymore but i'm really proud of you, seriously.
    tbh i really enjoyed LGPE and i guess bc i don't spend too much time chaining for catch bonuses and stuff, sometimes the trainers kick my ass? lol i'm kind of okay with that though, seeing how easy some of the last few generations of pokemon have been. and uhhhh it's been kinda rough now. i lost my very well paying job a couple of weeks ago. i just wasn't really cut out for it and honestly i was gonna start looking elsewhere anyway but they got rid of me right when i became eligible for insurance lmao. georgia has not been kind to me. and at just PERFECT timing, our internet has been fucked up so i have been having to come to starbucks like everyday to use internet and apply for jobs. i have gotten commissions for writing though, so there's that at least but you know, that's not enough to fluffy up my bank account lol. better than nothing, though. how about you? still doing ATC?
    you've just never had sony for as long as i've known you so it's weird!!! lmfao but that's cool welcome to the club now. 8) i wish i could stick to my guns and finish all the stuff i started around the holidays but now i'm just going through kingom hearts games i haven't played yet whoops.
    oh shit i think it's alolandugtrios??? i'll have to check. i need to get online for my switch for sure though so i can get back to playing splatoon 2 and be able to trade in let's go. i don't have ps+ though. :( i think i'm allisyd though if you still wanna add me. i kinda can't believe you have a ps4 now though lol

    count how many times i say though jfc
    i need to get back to smash lmao. i've been juggling way too many games. i just beat kingdom hearts 3 last night and i'll probably go back to tales of vesperia... i'm super stoked for p5 joker in smash though!! we need to add each other!! also what shiny did you get? i've gotten a few, but i tend to actively hunt for them aha.
    yeah, i feel like i'm better off, too. i was super stressed when i had to make sure i was still doing stuff here and it was such a load off my back when i left. and dude, it is so good. it's not as easy or tutorial heavy as i was thinking it might be, so that was a pleasant surprise. i'm not even done with it, i've been shiny hunting and working my pokedex aha. you got a switch already tho??
    u gucci. i've been playing the pokemon game on the switch so that's got me in a mood to post around the pokemon section. and playing other games got me lurking in vg too. but other than that, it's still kind of weird lol. like i still feel disconnected from pc as a whole but it doesn't really make me upset anymore since it's not on my plate of responsibilities any longer.
    yeah. and like, idk anyone anymore. it's just hard to jump back in like that, you know? i mean i'm postin around and stuff, but i still feel disjointed. and damn i never get the invites lmfao. tell them i said hi!!!
    it seems alright. janna owns it now so i feel like that's a step in the right direction. but in general, it doesn't seem that different from when we left. i feel even more like a stranger here though, aha.
    nothing just probably signed on for the same reason you did lmfao had to see what it was lookin like here
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