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  • Oh my! :( Oh ok haha. Thanks man! :) Oh, I got something cool to tell you! Well you remember Achromatic right? Well when he was doing videos on Pokecommunity and you were a staff member here back then, I saw one of his videos where it had your voice in it. So, here's a surprise for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icjIf7T0f1g
    I hear ya! I'm doing good as always :) Unfortunately I had a weird day on Wednesday this week and been recovering from a sore throat but I'm doing well now :)
    Jeezzz :c

    Glad you're alright. Yep yep still trooping on, same as ever tbh haha. Being an adult is hella tiring though.
    gross :( four days was enough for me. we built a decent snowman!

    I've managed to be here a fair bit, talking on discord (albeit... not the right one) it really is like old times. although not envying current staff in the slightest.

    hows life offline been lately? :)
    seen so many ex-people here in the last few days lmao. I might even stick around at this rate.

    I hate snow right now, but its melting away in time for work tomorrow at least. I have two bald tyres so was kind of worried I'd die on the icy roads :c
    semilive. I just had a wholleeeee 10cm of snow so I cancelled life for the weekend. and then this kept me enthralled.
    only gonna come here to spam you with hearts probably. ❤️ thanks for being my best friend.
    Same, but I check Challenges. I haven't done one in a million years, but you know. Naturally, I gotta check it. I post in 2nd Gen and General Entertainment sometimes. though. What have you been up to, then? :)
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