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  • I cannot do 11 Am. I cannot do mornings at all. Sorry but family comes first. I can do 1pm my time at a stretch. 24/9/17 13:00 GMT
    Dear KNS27,
    Would you like to battle me in regards to the Old Gen Random battle group?
    I am free between the following times due to changes in my current circumstances (please note all times are in GMT:00):

    00:00-01:00 (Preferably 00:15 Start)

    00:00-01:00 (Preferably 00:15 Start)
    14:00-15:00 (Preferably 14:30 Start)
    15:00-16:00 (Preferably 15:30 Start)
    22:00-23:00 (Preferably 22:30 Start)
    00:00-01:00 (Preferably 00:15 Start)

    If you cannot make either of these dates please let me know so I can try and arrange a match with someone else in our group. If you can please specify which.

    Kind regards,

    I shall be battling FROM sunday. Seeing as I am doing the other set of battles as well and only just picked up this gauntlet it would be really unfair to give myself less practice time in comparison to you guys.
    Tomorrow and Wednesday I"ll be online at 8pm GMT + 8 if you can wait that long
    Now my internet's starting to fail on me so it's probably better to wait.

    We can also do Thursday if you like.
    I mean we can also do tomorrow if you like.
    It seems like we didn't catch each other online then.
    It's fine! But I swear to god I am not any Kitties anyone remembers. smh

    How about after those 4 hours then? I can wait!
    Rude. I don't even know you. :/

    I'm free today. Starting tomorrow, though, I'll only be free 8pm (my time) onwards. You?
    Hi there! :D

    Yup, that's totally fine! Feel free to create a new thread for it if you'd like to. =)
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