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  • It's alright. A bit more generic then I expected it to be though.
    Been thinking of buying the manga since the anime has a slow pace but I know that I will just end up reading scans once I caught up anyway.

    Should catch up with Super sometime. It's the only anime that I'm not up to date of at the moment.
    Cadet KorpiklaaniVodka, this is Major LegendChu calling. This is to inform you that with a couple more posts, you can be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Over & Out {XD}.

    In case you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, check out the Ranking System & Rule Additions I made at the Club Thread.

    There's also an Event on at the Club right now, have a look at that as well & participate.
    Hey KorpiklaaniVodka, how r u bro?

    Man I must say that was quite gutsy, I mean joining in a Electric Fan Club & actually saying that they aren't exactly your favs, lol {XD}. But don't worry, I did some covering up for ya ;). I put up a new discussion topic, so feel free to share your views.

    Btw, you seem to be a Frieza fan huh. I'm a big DBZ fan myself, my fav character is not Goku Krillin .
    As in 6 PM your time? I don't know how well Sunday works for me as I am going to be away this weekend. Tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday are quite hectic for me unfortunately but any day after those until the deadline I should be able to squeeze in a battle. Does the same time maybe Monday or Tuesday work?
    hey we're set to battle this week for PCL. Are there any specific times that work good for you?
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