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  • I happen to be MSakuEX
    I haven't around PokeCommunity for several months
    That's a bit controlling though if you're not allowed to have any male friends by him.

    Where did you meet if you've always had issues offline?
    That's still introversion. It doesn't mean you're incapable of such actions, it more means you only do it around those who you feel comfortable with or are close to.
    Extroversion means you can be outward almost everywhere and with anyone.
    This topic is very topical to me, as I'm in a pretty hostile work environment almost everyday with two borderline sociopathic extroverts.
    They are almost incapable of emotions such as empathy or change. They actually thought I was just crazy until I had to literally explain to them what introversion even was.
    Further proof these two never deal with anyone who's not exactly like them, which is sad in a business where interaction is the biggest part.

    I do enjoy writing, but the reason for my length here on forums like this is that I love detailed conversations with people and really getting to know someone.
    Introverts dominate the internet and its them I generally get along with more, due to our shared outlook and penchant for long discussions. That's generally who I befriend.

    And, of course, they saw me one day reading one of the novel length emails between me and a new friend and couldn't have been more confused at how or why I'd want to discuss something in depth like that, especially since it was a girl.
    To them, you wine and dine and then just screw a woman, it's so foreign to them to develop a tight intimate bond first.

    I hope you never have to deal with morons like these two extroverts. It's not extroversion that's the issue, it's that mixed in with their other traits.
    It's extroverts like that that make introverts either retreat further back or become extremely violent.
    So it's like yelling over a large and loud group of people in their own discussions?
    Yeah, that's pretty much why I don't do it myself.

    Yeah, it's my signature, haha. To be my friend, one has to appreciate the long and detailed conversation. You pretty much only have to look at my profile discussions to see what I mean. And those are just the short ones!
    Time flies.

    Yeah, I generally don't use Discord either. If I like people, I prefer to chat one on one, some other way. Group discord isn't my style.

    I like discussion topics the most. Lengthy discussions are insightful into people.
    As written on my profile, April 21 of this year.

    I've enjoyed it so far. I've actually met a pretty special person here myself, to my surprise. But it's fun to have this site from time to time too.

    How long have you been away? I haven't seen you at all since I've been around.
    That's a shame. You have a lot of positive energy that could really be nice for any friends.

    I get shyness, but if you can't overcome it around your friends, who can you? I guess I don't have that problem, even though I'm also pretty meek in real life situations.
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