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  • Hi! Yeah sorry I didn't log on here for months haha! I am ok thanks! How are you?
    I think it's just something that one of the admins felt like doing since it's the Christmas season now
    The people who talk shit about Meganium are the people who don't even know how or want to work with it. I went though the first two gym battles just fine with my Chikorita and Bayleef. You just have to work with the Pokemon.
    We evacuated to my grandmother's house, which wasn't in any zone, and she never lost power nor cable. However, power was out at my home for about 27 hours (from 6:00p Sunday through 9:00p Monday), and cable only just came back yesterday.
    Alright, I seriously feel bad for not replying to that VM you sent me over two years ago now. D:

    How are you doing? Hope you fared well through Irma.
    My main interest is newswriting and interviewing. If the newspaper field isn't dead by the time I graduate I would totally go for that and become an editor.
    Actually yes, and I just returned to school this semester to finish my Journalism degree. Thanks to my past credits, I can actually finish in ~2 years.
    Yes. Clubs weren't active enough so they were merged into sections that staff felt they would have fitted in.
    I'm sorry, it has been forever. Now I do remember you, but I don't remember you saying you were "older" so lol

    PoC is long dead for years and the crew we knew are all gone. Sector and Hayley are both banned and have been for years. Ozzy and Olli...they're retired now and idk where they're at now. I had returned a couple months ago and joined the Daily and Social Media staff so I can help out on my free time. PC wise not much has changed...I think. I'm glad to see you back.

    The County of Galveston did suffer greatly, however, the area I currently live in was spared, so I didn't lose anything that was valuable to me. However, my friends and coworkers lost homes, cars, valuable items, etc. So, it's really hard to cope when you're the one who's the fortunate one and the others have to apply for FEMA assistance, and you can only do so much.

    Sorry if I rambled. Overall, I am doing fine!!!
    I lived in California but I moved to Texas. I did go through a hurricane recently.

    Remind me who you are again?
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