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  • Ah, sad to hear it. I typically have periods of being super into a franchise of some sort, and it always comes back to Pokemon, so I don't doubt that I'll be getting Sun and Moon.

    Haven't heard of ESEA, but sounds like something professional :o Why did you stop? Lost interest in the game, or?

    Personally, I've mainly been playing League of Legends. Never been too good at FPS games, so haven't really spent much time on those games. I did get Overwatch though, unfortunately it turns out my graphics card isn't quite good enough to run it smoothly, so I have to deal with quite a lot of fps drops whenever I play it D:
    I never had a DS, so I never actually owned any generation 4 or 5 games myself apart from B2W2, which I got to play on my 3DS. I did get to play DPPt through a friend though, so not like I missed out on the 4th generation completely. X&Y I just never got around to playing :p
    I'm kinda in the same boat haha. I'm not active on here anymore, but I still have a habit of regularly checking the site. Though I can no longer check PoC :(

    Haven't really played Pokemon since I finished ORAS, and my experience with Pokemon GO has been pretty minimal since I live in a rural area with only one Pokestop around, and no people to really enjoy the game with :(

    I'm excited for Sun & Moon though, since it'll be the first generation of games I can actually experience on release since R/S/E :D
    you cannot predict an earthquake. there is no way.

    also it's may 28th so that article is invalid.
    No worries, I wasn't bothered by it.

    Ah, that sounds exciting. I'm glad you got to do some fun activities. c:

    Well, it's nothing much. I've been playing the piano since I was around 4, and also know how to play the violin, a little guitar, and a little drums.
    Why all the separate VMs instead of just a single one? Haha. Anyways...

    It's great that you're up and about and doing things. What kinds of notable new things have you tried?
    Haha, I hope your 'trip to the past' has been good so far. I bet there has been a number of changes.
    Also, your new profile is looking good. So, you're passionate about music? I have some background with music as well, so that's cool.
    Really? I kind of like the one from Jupiter. XD But yeah.... it can be hard to tell. A lot of people who hear that he's a dude are like "You're lying" because he pulls it off so well. It's especially hard if the person isn't familiar with visual kei.

    I do really like Kamijo, but I guess I don't really care much for powerful voices. I like them to be soft and angelic. XD Though, it really depends too. For example, Sono from Matenrou Opera has this really unique-sounding voice. It's... you'd have to listen to them to really hear it. They are much like Jupiter/Versallies as well. In fact Kamijo (ex-Versailles), is really good friends with Sono. You might also be interested in some of Kamijo's solo work, if you haven't heard that yet.
    They do. That's why I said... Jupiter is Versaillies... just with a different vocalist. XD So, the music is somewhat the same. That's what I meant when I said that, the instrumentalists are the same... but it's just the different vocalist that sets them apart. :3
    Oh, I didn't notice. Mine is takeruismyhero if you ever feel interested in visual kei. :3 It's basically ALL I listen to except for one band, which is my senpai's band. I don't really use last,fm much because I use my nano to listen to music. D:
    Actually, yes... you might actually be interested in Jupiter. They are basically Versailles but with a different vocalist. I absolutely adore them. <3 I don't really listen to Versailles that much anymore. Visual Kei is probably one of the best and most popular genres out there too. There's a lot of really main stream bands like the GazettE, SuG and born... I don't really know what you are into in terms of music though. :/ the GazettE and born are kind of heavy. SuG is heavy, but Takeru sings without all the screaming and stuff. XD (Takeru is the guy in my avatar by the way and happens to be my hero, if you couldn't tell. X3)
    That's really good, man! Really impressive that you're teaching yourself! I hope you can find a band (or make your own) to jam with soon :333
    Have you ever listened to visual kei before? :O I'm more keen to that than I am actual J-rock to be honest. Honestly, I really don't have anyone I can discuss visual kei with like at all. :x Visual Kei, to me, is more of a sub-genre for J-rock itself. I mean, it's basically IS j-rock. Just that the only difference is visual kei has more androgynous Japanese men dressed up in fancy stage clothes and what not. XD

    I was just curious because your thread. You seemed to know some things about it, and I was well... curious, as I said. :3
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