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  • It's a lot more complicated than that, so watch GoGo's videos, they may be long but it's required.
    Well I'm not exactly free of time, and haven't personally done any hacking in months. The best I can tell you is to watch part 1 and part 2 videos of GoGo's tutorial, they're extremely helpful and all of my knowledge came from them. Just take your time and be patient, it takes hours or even days. Do you have samples you want to insert, or what exactly is the issue?
    Also, cannot forget about awesome VG music.
    Often hear it when I'm studying, in the gym or just relaxing in bed.
    I was in the symphonic band in school. (From Elementary to High School.) and I played Saxophone...that's about it. I play guitar, but no life performances. Really want to learn piano, tho. As for music, it kinda depends, as I am always changing the type and genre of the music I listen, as I often get really into a band/genre and then after a month or two I find something new or I get tired of hearing it, etc. As for favorite musical groups, I've always liked rock the most (That's something I inherited from my parents.) So, RHCP, Queen and Soda stereo (It's an argentinian band, as my native language is spanish.) are probably my favorites, although I may be forgetting someone.
    Well, there are so many cool things about it.
    Always been a music lover, and I have always respected Movie and VG composers. Their soundtracks often immerse you in the medium, and each track has it's own personality and that's awesome. I guess when it comes to technical stuff, the making of the melody is really cool, as it gives personality to the track, and well, I like how each music piece feels like a journey.
    I guess that can be my favorite part...? I dont really know, it's just a hobby I'm really interested in, to say the least.
    Oh, hey!
    Didn't see you there.
    Just now I noticed you, sorry, still new to the forums.
    Yeah any ideas on how to better contact each other? be fun to keep in contact after all this time
    Well, I'm more of a cracker *ba dum tss*
    Yeah fair decent Christmas, hope you enjoyed yours too! Not long until all you get at Christmas is socks young one ;)
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