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  • Hey. I know you don't really come here now, but just figured I'd say hello anyway. I was Furball the Umbreon, incase you're confused if/when you read this. xD
    Why not?^^ I can imagine it being pretty fun!^^ Especially when one of your friends tells you about the stuff you did but forgot about afterwards!^^ Never happened to me, though but I bet it´d be interesting!^^

    Hmm, that could be, too!^^ But to me, it sounded more like he´s trying to displace it because he saw contrdictions between those two!^^ But I always tend to take the more dramatic theories because they´re more entertaining!^^ No, most people respect your opinions!^^

    1. Yeah, sometimes I just have to force myself to do it... or I force myself to overcome my pride and ask someone else for help!^^ Aww man... That´s no nice experience for them to make!^^ But this kinda stuff helps you find the right way, so it´s not all bad!^^ Oh no, it´s actually not that hard to understand: My theory is that for all people to a certain level, too much affection can seem too intrusive (they get the feeling that the other person wants to take over their life), which is why they want to put an end to it!^^ Or, they´re scared from those kind of feelings from a person where they wouldn´t have expected it and just try to get away from it...^^ Or they just don´t understand it and try to run away from that!^^ But those are just assumptions from someone who tries to understand how humans work (Most of the time, I just feel what´s the best thing to do in those hard-to-understand situations... These theories are just attempts to understand what I did to prevent some stuff!^^) !^^ Because I think you can understand anything if you try!^^ Oh well, I at least hope I´ll be...^^

    Why? Did he move away at some point?^^ But I don´t quite get how they can get angry about that!^^ Maybe they thought that he ignores them but I know it´s difficult to maintain contacts, especially if one person moved away...^^ But great you kept yourself out of trouble!^^ That´s the best thing one can do in a situation like that because usually, the other one (the one you didn´t join) complains why you didn´t side him/her!^^

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