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  • We have actually looked into music hacking, but it seemed to be the most difficult thing you could attempt while making a hack. If you are still interested we are considering moving everything we have onto a fresh rom base due to some persisting bugs/glitches etc. (Check out the thread for more details).
    What we would like, if it is within your powers as a hacker, is a fresh Fire Red rom base with themes from the original Golden Sun game in place.
    If you could do this you will be credited as part of the KcatHax team.
    Many thanks,
    Excuse me, you have double or triple posted at least twice in different hack threads; those posts were also quite spammy, and in some cases, somewhat rude. Please think before you post, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you post more that once consecutively. Thank you.
    Hey, do you think you could e-mail me an outline of what this hack is and is about? I'm stumbling in the dark here, and may need to re-download the snapshot you MediaFire'd me to get rid of the changes I've been making.

    Also, could you include what specifically you wish for me to work on? My works include mapping and scripting, but although I can get graphics work done if I'm not too busy, I'm not mentally keen on doing it out of a leap, to say the least -_-.
    I've been busy with a website and got distracted from a lot of things, but nevertheless I'm back and ready to work on the project. Thank you!

    I decided to check out the hack, and I was like WOW WTF IS WIT DAT MUSIC!?!? It's so awesome! Do you think you could help me with inserting music into a hack I'm working on?
    Also, I think this has the potential to be a full fledged hack. Whether or not it becomes one depends on what you think, does it not?
    Normal credit methods, actually. Places include the hack's thread, and well, anywhere you would credit yourself, actually. Just want to be sure I'm not left out for my hard work ^͜^;
    Alright. Anything in specific that you want? Please e-mail me a Mediafire link with your ROM that you want me to edit, and I'll see what I can do.
    I can't help you with music whatsoever, but I'm able to modify most general sprites, like OW, tiles, battle sprites, etc. Anything specific?
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