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  • I'm on all the time, can't you tell by our last conversation? :P Gah, I'm so sorry I forgot to respond! Yeah, I ended up stopping Homecoming for a while, and I heard Silent Hill 2 is one of the best in the series....but I got spoiled on the big twist so I probably won't play that any time soon. How are you?! Any other fun games you're playing? It looks like you haven't been on in a while either, if you don't get back to me until 6 months from now, I understand hahaha.

    Metallica, soundgarden and Judas Priest are good. Especially Judas. <3 I don't listen to a lot of bands, 'cause I usually just stick to one 'til i listen to all their stuff, y'know?

    Nickelback? Pls. I just can't get into them, no matter how hard I try.
    Dude, Warlock's awesome. Definitely recommended.
    & Fuck yeah they are! I wore my band shirt today. :D

    Well, I decided to keep it short 'cause there's no point in listing all the bands.

    I'm mostly into rock (hard, grunge, etc), and metal (trash, heavy, groove, etc). Not a huge fan of the bands you listed, but Weezer, Dream Theater, Breaking Benjamin, and The Rolling Stones have some nice stuff.
    I really like pop punk music and Post Hardcore, so most bands I listen to are those genres. I'm a big fan of State Champs, Fireworks, and Neck Deep when it comes to pop punk. Some Post-Hardcore bands I love are Dance Gavin Dance, Pierce The Veil and Silverstein. I have also been on a big Say Anything and McFly binge lately.

    Yeah, I felt so hipster when Little Talks went mainstream and I already owned the song, haha. I haven't really kept up with them though. I do know that they are amazing live, so if they're near here any time I'd go without second thought.
    I've been going various places throughout the continental US. It's been pretty hectic (not vacation traveling), but it should die down a bit before much longer. In the meantime it's certainly fun to see new cities and such! How about you? Have you done any interesting traveling recently?
    Probably A Fever You Can't Sweat Out. Although my favorite song by them is from Pretty.Odd.
    Too Weird To Live, Too Strange To Die didn't do it for me either, although it has some songs I like, like This Is Gospel and Miss Jackson. It's funny, I almost never see anyone mention Vices & Virtues.
    Doing well. Posting occasionally, and lurking aside from that (or working, traveling, or doing other things when not online). I don't have too many people who I communicate with regularly on here (I've taken several fairly long hiatuses, and the people I used to know don't come here anymore), but it's fun to see what's going on.
    I'm listening music and posting here. Also I'm happy because somebody gifted me a supportership.
    Oh gawd - Anime AMVs. Instant nostalgia, bruh.
    Damn, TDG was, like, the ultimate 2007 band. Still love 'em, tho. <3

    Nope. Haven't listened to those bands.
    Let's see... That would be a long list, but here's a few (main ones):
    Haha, I used to listen to Last Resort 24/7 when I heard it on some random Naruto fan vid. That was in 2007. :') Now, I love that band. One Track Mind, Forever, Burn, Alive ('N Out of Control), etc... <3
    Oh, they definitely are. They've changed a bit, but they still rock, and that's what matters.

    No, actually. Not a BvB fan.
    Well, the forum accepted it as two likes, too, so it probably is the site.

    What's your favorite album by them?
    You listen to Wolves In The MotherFucking Throne Room??

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