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  • Hey, Jirachu! Been a while but i might as well let you know that i rejoined Pokecommunity after a LONG time! How's it going with you?
    I picked Sobble in Shield and bred for a Shiny one. Shiny Sobble line is dark blue and pink.

    Are you looking forward to having Valentine's Day with Jack?

    I think my boyfriend may be coming round to being vegetarian. He knows I only cook vegetarian now.
    Hello Lady Jirachu. How are you?

    You told me about Jack on your forum. I am pleased you are very happy with him.

    Your Scorbunny avatar is adorable. Do you have a Scorbunny in Sword/Shield?

    I am ok but have been busy working and helping people. I'm working on my cooking still too.
    I think your crush on Korinna is cute. She's athletic, attractive, vibrant, fun and has great Pokemon at her side in Lucario. I like her character, she's a good heroine. If she made you happy and could be a source of strength for you then I think that's great. I had a bit of a crush of my own on Steven Stone. My boyfriend, who is also into Pokemon, has a special place in his heart for the gym leader Erika. It's not a problem for me. In fact, I enjoyed seeing you share fan art, wallpaper and other themes in the Clubhouse, and miss your voice in the Bishie club.

    Congratulations on finding someone special who appreciates you and makes you feel safe. You deserve it, and I hope you and your boyfriend will be very happy together.

    I'm glad you came back. Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Have fun exploring the Sinnoh region. I plan to start a new Pokemon Pearl file in the new year. I still enjoy playing the DS after these many years :)
    Hi LadyJirachu,

    How have you been recently? I haven't seen you on the forum in awhile and was happy to see you had come for a visit. Miss you, and hope you come back soon. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season friend!

    Thank you so much LadyJirachu!

    You always have the cutest backgrounds and plenty of pink, so I really appreciate your kind words.

    Glad to see you around!

    Glad to see you're back!
    I've noticed your absence for a while, and have been a bit concerned! Especially since we were just becoming friends! <3
    Thanks. :D /hugsback

    How was your weekend? Mine was fine, we went to the park to play Pokémon GO and that was enjoyable haha. And yeah, you deserve lots of good karma if you're a good person and are nice to people!
    She does! She works hard to make PC a happy place. Sorry for the lack of coming on. I've been obsessed with Harry x Uma from Descendants 2 & 3... they are so perfect for each other. So, I'm trying to write a fanfic about them. I'm not sure how good it is...
    Hello Lady Jirachu. I am sorry I forgot your favourite colour is pink.

    I have a Shiny Lilligant which I caught as a Petilil. I also have a Shiny Lopunny which has pink parts of her fur. Also Shiny Garchomp is magenta which is a type of purplish pink. :)
    The Ralts line is indeed adorable. Gardevoir is my favourite Pokemon after Lilligant.

    Talking of pink things did you know Shiny Lilligant has a pink flower.
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