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  • Hello LadyJirachu. I hope you are well.

    I did not know you liked the colour pink. I hope you are feeling better.

    I caught two Shiny Ralts on Pokemon Go yesterday. I evolved one into Kirlia and have a Shiny female Gardevoir which I caught in Alpha Sapphire.
    Of course, I didn't mean to word it in a bad way at all, and I'm sorry if it came off that way! No need to post in the future either, of course, 1:1 chats are always nice as you said. =) And thanks for the nice words, I really appreciate it. ❤️
    Hey dear! Don't worry about it at all; I know you only react to drama, never start it. <3 I am doing well! Sorry I didn't get back to your last VMs, I'm notoriously bad at responding to them. :c

    Calico Critters are precious! I never grew up with them but I fell in love with their cute little figures!! I wish I had some of them omg they're so adorable! If you like their stuff, I highly recommend checking out Sorbet Jungle! They do some of the cutest plush characters I've ever seen. xoxoxo

    Anyway, I hope you've been well and nothing's been too triggering for you, hon. You can always talk to me if something sets you off, okay? :)
    Honestly, I don't have much of an opinion at all. I haven't had the chance to play any games past gen v, so all I know of her is what I saw on the show, or heard from others
    Hey! I don't usually post much either, but I show up for a bit every once in a while! I tend to go through phases with it, one month I'm practically gone, the next I'm posting 5 times a day XD
    I understand getting anxious and stressed over these things, believe me, I remember getting an official warning over my signature being 10 pixels too tall on another forum 10 years ago and I never wanted to go there again lol, but you'll be fine! You'd be surprised how many staff on PC have been warned and infracted before, and they've improved and are staff now. Do hope you feel better soon! Feel free to message whenever if you just wanna talk though o/
    No worries, take your time! Happy first August & I've been well personally <3 Happy birthday to your mom too!
    of course, and you can vm me anytime you want xoxoxo

    ugh i totally understand and I'm so glad that's not a part of your life anymore. :( cyber bullies are the worst. i'm sorry you had to go through that.

    that's adorable! i love love love having lots of cute pokemon plushes all around and they make me really happy, and i can definitely say for certain that mew is a great plush to get! :D i hope you love her and give her lots of hugs. <33

    me too! bubbles is the best! i always thought she was the most precious of the group. even her crying was cute, haha.
    hey you! i was hoping you'd still be around but i didn't want to push! glad you're still on the forums, even if it's just for VMs. :)

    surprisingly I was actually a bit of a tomboy growing up! so my favorite toys were power rangers and teenage mutant ninja turtles - which is really silly considering how much i love cute and girly stuff now! but i always always always loved pokemon and played with the card and had lots of plushes, some of which I have till this day! looking at my shelf, i can see two plushes that i've had since i was five. A Seel and a Zubat! :')

    omg the power puff girls are so cute aaaa <333 i remember being upset when they put were off air.
    Sheep is amazing. She's really sweet! Oh, that's really cool. I always thought they were pretty cute. :3 I'm obsessed with Loki again atm... I don't know why but omg... he's just... yeah. <3 That sucks that Discord doesn't work for you. We can still chat here and what not! We're going grocery shopping some time today. My dad is going to write check. We need food so bad. ;o;
    Oh? Cool :) i already pre registered for pokemon masters! Its expected on August 29th and im super excited!
    I'm out of the house most of the day, plus I have to show the messages you gave me to other people so we can look them over and think things through! Appreciate your patience ❤️
    I like Valerie :3 shes so pretty! I love her pretty dress with the giant sleeves. Also yellow and pink are quite pretty together dont you think? That kind of thought is a little silly to me. Korrina can be as girly and tomboyish as she wants! To me, id say shes more girly and i respect that! I dont think hardly any people have anything against her, i just think the pokemon company hasnt really used her enough for her to get a lot of attention so a lot of people forget about korrina (poor koruni) but thanks to you and i, people are noticing her more and also she'll get more attention due to pokemon masters! :D
    Maybe later ^^ i still dont understand how to post pictures here. Soon, i wanna start a clubhouse too! I just hope people will join it
    Im sorry! I kind of went on a downward spiral there. Actually, i really dont know the lgbtq+ (is that how its said?) Improvements. I know that theyre putting gay couples in shows though :) i saw the gay couple in the my little pony episode. It was comforting to me :) i need seeing gay couples to be normalized so i can grow more comfortable that im bi
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