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  • My second home other than the PokeSpe Fanclub is in the 'Don't let the Mod's say 0' thread, so yeah.

    Mmhmm. :3
    Yeah. I'm always going to love Mew's Hangout and what it was. But... now it's gone, so I'm glad I found this place.


    Hehe. That's good.

    XD Wow.

    .... I see. Well... I don't care what kind of forums these were, but I enjoy it. >_> Best thing since Mew's Hangout for me.

    And... thanks. XD
    :) Good luck~ There is no sign~ I just know; I'm all knowing~ -jkjk-

    I'm doing pretty good. Internet is a bit slow, but eh, oh well. Glad you had fun out of town. ^^
    ^^ Your signature also gives you away. Of course, I've known you for years, so it's not hard. :3
    Why, sure. I only know one Jirachu after all. And I'm pretty sure it's the Jirachu who is also a Kirby lover, and... lessewhatfruititwas... Cherries lover?
    X3 Tell me about it.... although, it gets me hurt/in trouble half of the time. LOL
    XD I'm sorry if it sounded like I was being defensive, I didn't mean to come off that way at all. So, I'm sorry if you took it that way.
    Skating is fun, but, you have to be prepared for scars, cuts and bruises. You fall A LOT when you're just starting out, and it's pretty dangerous when you skate with no protection, like me, which is a bad idea. XD But thats me, a daredevil. Lol.
    It goes back and forth. Lol. One day I'm prep, and one day I'm a skater.... But mostly I do what I like, which is mostly pink... >> <<
    Don't worry about it, I'm a random person, and I know what its like to be bored.
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