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  • Sup, and welcome back! I've been pretty much almost dead on here for the past couple of months as well, but I'm trying to fix that now! How about you, buddy? :D
    oh ya btw hows that sig treating you? You didnt want a new one yet or anything right? Cause seriously feel free to pester me I can whip up something whenever with whatever you want :3
    Awh that sucks! I missed like 20 or so this year so less than usual but i did feel good for every class but math and math was just ummm ya terrible like bad bad xD
    Oh why so terrible?
    And ikr sooooo happy to be done. Exams were stressful and so far I have only had good grades on them so thats great.
    Haha thats good glad it went better :3
    Awh ya it has been! And ive been pretty good I mean im just getting out of school as of yesterday so yayyyyyyyyyy :3 Wbu howve you been lately?
    Nah its ok, i dont get messages about getting vms or pms here so i wont see it til i login anyway, plus i obsessively check threads like this so its fine thanks ^^
    I feel ya there man. With how much the last month of school was a disaster for me, it was nice to somehow to do pretty well on all my finals and make out alright when it seemed like I was gonna do pretty bad.

    Good to hear they went pretty well for you!
    It's weird, I've not received any request from you and I sent you one and that's not showing up either :(
    Oh, I'm fine. I'm posting my Let's Plays up on my blog now. I'm currently doing Dark Rising, and man I hate it. Check it out sometime.
    That's good! Now for the long wait til results!

    I just have too many things that I don't use and need to save some storage! Plus the only times I'm online it's usually PC. What's you're Discord tag? Mine's #4014
    How did the rest of your exams go?

    I've deleted Skype but I'm on Discord! (Spoony6205 or Spoonette on PC's server)
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