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  • Oh how did your exams go?!

    I've accepted your Skype request but cant guarantee how often I'll check it!
    Hey dude! Hmm, depends, what messages? One thing I did forget though was to give you your Darkrai code! Do you still need one?
    Alright man. Good luck with those exams! Hopefully see ya around a bit more after they are done.
    Haha well at least you have your priorities straight. Yes! Come post more. Join us again :D

    I'v been doing pretty well. I just got accepted as a mentor myself actually. And school is out so now I'm trying to pick up and finish all the Pokemon runs I had started but not finished.
    There's a StreetPass meet-up on the 9th which I'm hoping to go to! ^^

    I have spares of the Smyths Legendary Birds distributions if you need them!
    Well, never say never! I don't have the health to travel too far or stay out for too long unfortunately but there may be a StreetPass event soon which I'm hoping I can go to!

    How come the move? Have you settle in ok?

    Oh cool, I haven't bought PSMD yet, what did you think of it? I haven't played a Fire Emblem but it does look like a cool series.

    I'd like to get into manga too but you're right about the cost! Plus I don't enjoy reading so much these days. I got a few Pokemon manga last year and did like them but I still haven't finished them!
    Oh, I've heard good things about PSMD.

    I've just been focusing on school, which is almost over, and try my best to find time for other things.
    I always try to be around. Sometimes it's just too much of a hassle to make time, regardless of how much I want to.

    You add people through IDs right? My Skype is v.msssssss (7 or 8 of the letter s lol). My avatar will be a pencil sketch of a car's wheel :)
    Yup beck once again. Can't say for sure how active I'll be with posting yet though.

    Yes, got Skype just a couple of weeks ago. So far, I've used it to chat with my buddies for League.
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