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  • I cant really type well since I got hit by a car recently that broke my domniant arm and hand, crushed ribs, and broken legs. However, Ill try my bet to dsecribe briefly. Tokyo ghoul is a dark fantasy anime which id has scary and crazy moments. Toradora is a romantic comedy that eould hit anyone in the feels. Nichijou is just a random, crazy anime with school students and a professor with a robot.
    How generous of you! (: My first one was a Pidgey :P It was magical when it became a Pidgeot ♥‿♥

    Haha yeah I mean not the friendliest but certainly not the craziest. Beyonnnnnnd true! Who did you hate the most? I couldnt stand Sugar ughhh
    Theyre kinda weirdish xD I liked Sky but that was it. And really i dont love sky like i did gwen and zoey :3
    I dunno, really! I think it might be the green? xD But really, it was because I was with two other friends years ago when Black and White came out, one chose Tepig, the other chose Oshawott and I decided to complete the circle with Snivy, and it's stuck with me since. :)

    How're you doing with Pokémon GO? Have you managed to run across any more Team Instinct players? :o
    Oh your watching Pahkitew now? Ya it bored the hell out of me tbh >.> but world tour was great :o
    Theyre not dangerous they just breathe fire and kill things and ohhh i see your point. Did you finish all stars already?
    I like a lot of shiny Pokemon but some of my favorites are Umbreon, Pidgeot, Espurr, Flygon, Pinsir & Gardevoir :D hbu??
    I'm sure you will! sounds like a dream honestly :)

    I go back to school tomorrow though x_x
    ikr it was so weird! And omg that is literally my favorite scene when chris shows everyone what the cameras caught haha. And ya the bird is adorable^-^
    Oh nice!
    I'm just trying to get Skype and Discord to work despite my incredibly shitty internet
    Same here :P Lately I've been listening to a lot of chillstep music while playing pokemon etc.
    Your avatar is super adorable btw ^‿^
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