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  • No, I'm not paying Nickalooose, I've taken over her game and with that, she offered up her services in order to keep her game up and running.

    I'm pretty sure she stands by what she said, if you're willing to put in the work, she's willing to help.

    If you need anything from her, just drop her a message and she may help you depending on the request or the amount of work you've put in, in the first place.

    I've spoken to her and she agrees with this message.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply.
    Hahah, yeah, Helena is one of my favorite characters, especially in terms of design. I do plan on making a poll for the villains, once I get the conceptual artwork of them finished by my artist. And yeah, I do plan on getting things done, and with high-quality work put into them, so they don't look like crap. Especially since they are really large maps, that take me upwards to two-weeks to finish. Also, just a heads up, I will be posting new conceptual artwork for all the characters, right beside their character bios. When that will be, depends on when my artist finished them.
    Ah, okay, my apologies. I had a person mention something about mapping once on my Relic Castle post of my thread, and that was old footage of my game that has been updated to look like what you see now. But, its all good man. Also, were you the one who voted for Helena on my thread by chance XD
    Ahh, I did not. But, again a lot of this game is not 100% finished, so map revisions are going to be taken into account. Also, my maps are not THAT open. They are compressed, with large boundaries, which allows for mass exploration, while also having decent room to navigate in. I have been constantly re-working my maps, so I am not entirely sure they are THAT wide open.

    Here is an example from my game: http://www.pokecommunity.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=74183&stc=1&d=1421436599
    Hello :) would you mind making a SU for Tara if she is someone you are going to feature a lot?
    I was basing my character from the dude in the show. Even had the name Jasper in my character as well and then your appearance in the SU was very close to the character in the show so I just curious if you based yours of the same character I was basing mines off. I didn't want our characters to be too similar so I ended up changing mines. :)
    Hey there. I just have a quick question for you. Is there any chance that your character from the Harry Potter RP is based on 'Jasper' from the TV series called 'The 100'? :)
    You are allowed to have a relatively subtle curse if you want to :) Maybe just getting tongue locked can be annoying enough for him. But it would sure be fun if the curse forced him to say something else! How about widening it even, so that whenever he is about to say something the least bit negative to someone, it gets replaced with positive words instead? :)

    You can of course keep the curse restricted to the terms you suggested, if you want. I was just wondering what terms you really meant but that's clearer now, thank you.
    I would like some examples for what the curse would affect actually :3 I wrote that in a OOC post.
    The curses are more or less randomly cast to cause trouble on Hogwarts, so they can be anything, really. If you want your character to just grow an extra finger or horns on the head, it's fine too. Myself, I love the HP world but I am in no way ultra well versed in all the spells and names of things, so I'm going to leave much open to interpretation and imagination when it comes to that, especially spells.

    As for the view of Slytherin... They stand for ambition so they are a certain kind of people still. But I wouldn't say they are hated as much as back in HP's days. Just, a typical Slytherin would probably not get along with just any naive, altruistic person out there :) Or what do you say?
    Cap is probably 5-7 somewhere around there. I took longer than usual responding to the OOC thread to give others some time.

    Well, they can have similar abilities to an extent :) I'm not too picky about it honestly, as long as there's not a complete rip-off off another's demon.
    Don't quote me on this lol. But I think we're starting the test before we get to Pallet Town. I think we were all chilling at home when we got the letters. I don't know, I'm personally a bit confused to but I'm sure it'll all come to a head sooner or later.
    Lol look at Char's post, I might have been wrong. It seems like I was over thinking things again. Oh well, I can understand what you mean. I think, its all how the GM's handle everything. If the GM's can spark up some motivation, really put some fire in their role players, than it might last longer.
    Tell me why I thought I had messaged you back :) lol. Sorry about that.

    But yea, this one seems like its going to be moving a little slow anyway. The plot looks like its going to be good but I think everyone took Charizard's story in the wrong direction.
    And represent I shall. I wasn't sure which one of you was going to make it, as Squirtle was being attacked by well-rounded Rpers from every direction. Charizard_man is a good one, because I wouldn't of been able to make that choice.
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