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  • Nice, I see it! I like the colors you used, very calming and cool. I was gifted supporter as well, someone out there is very nice to us!
    I've still yet to get an adult Regal. Wasn't until last year I think that I stumbled across my first later instar Hickory Horned Devil. Very impressive caterpillars.

    They're not my favorite subjects, but spiders can be neat too! Found a Slender Ant-Mimic Jumping Spider just yesterday. My favorite local spider is probably the Emerald Jumper, though Yellow Garden Spiders are also always cool to see.
    It is! Moth-watching is one of my biggest hobbies and the rosy maple is my fave. Reminds me of Shiny Dunsparce, one of my favorite Pokémon (tied with Wartortle).
    It looks nice!
    Is the Vaporeon wearing a scarf from a PMD game, or is it just a normal scarf?
    My avatar is just the Glaceon with a transparent background, everything else is a background image I put in my flair.
    The eeveelutions themselves I drew myself. The background of the image is just a screenshot ran through some effects in my image editor.

    You have to be a 'community supporter' to be able to use images in your flair though afaik, which means donating to PC at least once. Dunno if there's a minimum amount.
    I like the colors in your profile. They're so pretty. ^__^ However, they are hard to read. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using Johto Elite skin or what, but I have to highlight your text to see it. Anyways, most definitely! My friend code is SW-4233-5215-5725. I have it on my Trainer Card as a signature by the way too.
    Yeah, Hoenn is super cool. A lot of people complain about it having "too much water," but I feel it only adds to its charm. It's especially good in the remakes when you soar in the sky with Latios or Latias.
    No problem! Always happy to help. I saw the card underneath your post and it does look nice. ??????I see that you're a Gardevoir fan as well. Nice!
    Hey there. How are you? :) What I did was go the "Pokecharms" website, created a Trainer Card, and put that card I made as my signature. Follow the link below, make your card, save the image, and when you edit your profile, go to Edit Signature, and use the Trainer Card you made as an image for your signature.

    Are you enjoying the forums, by the way?
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