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  • You're not alone. I'm not a fan of most of 6th Gen's badly distorted cries either. There's still some Pokemon that barely sound different but others are just painful to hear.
    No, don't apologise. You don't have to get around to it, conversations don't have to be forced :)

    I hope your exams went well and that you have a great vacation. My holidays were great, my sister got married so that was fun! How was your holiday, Céline?
    I've been alright :P Beginning second semester of German. Started with the past tense, ich war, du warst... /ich hatte, du hattest ...

    How've you been?
    Hey Celine, it's been awhile...not sure if you still get on here haha.

    Listen, don't feel obligated to respond to the wall of text below. No formalities, you know? :P How've you been?
    hey i'm great thanks for askin, how are you?
    if you want something that's free i recommend firealpaca, or if you're willing to spend money i personally use paint tool sai. the first program that i have ever used was a photoshop program and i found it too overwhelming, while firealpaca/sai are really simple to use. (they are also really similar to eachother)
    Hello! Not a lot to be honest, my classes have ended quite a while ago so not a lot to do currently. Guess I could say I've been mostly watching Doctor Who and playing music! What about you? c:

    Ah when I came accross your profile I saw that you were exchanging walls of text with somebody. I love people who write walls of text!
    Hey, no time limit on this sort of thing! You just respond whenever you'd like. I hope you've been able to resolve whatever you were busy with!

    Congrats on beating the game! What did you think of the ending? I really liked that old king, wish they featured him a bit more though. If you ever want to battle sometime, let me know! And wooooo shinies! You know, alomomola is a palindrome -- I hadn't realised it until recently. I myself haven't successfully found any shinies through searching, just through breeding :/

    Ho-Oh is so awesome, I cannot wait to move it over to Y! I've always used at least the main legendary in every game, I wouldn't feel embarrassed using it competitively just because of how cool he is. Apparently he's considered really good, too.

    Definitely have to get over my fear sometime. I had added some native Japanese speakers for a language exchange on Skype, but I ended up never being able to speak to them because of screwing up haha. At least I don't get shy, I think it'd be twice as hard if I had that problem too...do you have any practise partners?

    The feeling is mutual Céline (really nice name, is it French or does it exist in German too?) :)

    Yeah, my mother was born in India but moved to America when she was 10. She's lived here most of her life -- it's where she met my father, too :) Spoken Urdu is somewhat similar to spoken Hindi, which is the language mostly used in Indian films and TV. It borrows from many different languages (Arabic, Turkish, Persian, etc.) It appeals to me for that reason too haha.

    Are there a lot of exchange students that come over there? I envy you, unfortunately I don't have too many international friends. And that sounds really nice, I hope you get to meet up with her, and can travel in general. The world has so many beautiful places to see, I can't understand people who are happy with never traveling!

    Aachen is such a cool name haha, especially Bad Aachen! Looks like a really interesting place to visit, perhaps I'll stop by there during my Europe tour (hopefully). You went to Vienna for your boyfriend? Haha aw, that's a sweet reason. Did he live in Aachen before, or had you met him by chance? I'm sorry if that question is too personal. I've heard of transcultural communication before, it's a really interesting major to go for. It's great you've taken your passion for languages into university, sometimes I wonder if I should have done the same haha.

    If and when I do come to Vienna, I'll take you up on that offer :) Thanks Céline!

    Not a silly question at all, it's not a name you see in Germanic languages. It's pronounced "uh-meen" (exactly like the chemistry term "Amine" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amine ). Is your name pronounced the same way as Celine Dion?
    (sorry for breaking up the messages, I hit post by accident)

    If you like French enough, you should definitely do it!

    My mother used to speak Urdu to me, which is a language from India. She's a big mix of races but that's what her family primarily speaks. She knows Spanish and French too, and is really good at English despite it not being her first language, so seeing that drive made me get into languages along with coming from different racial backgrounds.

    That's pretty crazy, traveling to learn -- your mother is pretty admirable. It's something I wish I did in school. Have you ever considered it?

    New York is pretty cool because there are all kinds here, and that's something I really like: seeing people from every background and position just sharing a city and living their lives as best as they can. Something about it is inspiring to me. If you ever do stop by, let me know and I could give you a tour if you'd like! And I know what you mean about not wanting to be around the crowded city life so much. A lot of natural beauty gets sacrificed to make busy places likes this, I definitely like to take a break from it every now and then.

    You are really lucky, I've always wanted to visit Vienna. I haven't visited Europe yet but that's definitely on my list of places to go. There's even a song I really like by Billy Joel (I'm not sure if you've heard of him) called "Vienna", it's got a great message to it and for some reason makes me want to visit it even more :p If you don't mind me asking, where were you before you moved there?

    And hey, thanks a lot for the compliment, you flatter me! I just like to either make people think or have them make me think, always more interested in learning more as opposed to "winning" an argument. I could even say I love being wrong because it means that I've walked away with something new.

    Have you ever traveled overseas? And hey...you know it just hit me that I never asked for your name haha. My name is Amin by the way, nice to meet you!

    (really sorry for the wall of text myself, I know I'm clogging your visitor messages!)
    Oh yeah, Super Training is loads easier. Some people say slower, but it only takes me about 20 minutes to max out a Pokemon so I don't think it takes that long. I can give you the rundown if you want! Oh and would you like to swap Friend Codes?

    I like a lot of the older Pokemon better, specifically from Gen I/II. Big fan of Scyther, Umbreon, Ho-Oh, Nidoking, Charizard...I could go on for awhile haha. Right now my team is a mix of old and new. Pangoro is my favourite from this gen! Aside from Chatot (poor guy), how about you?

    I know that feeling, best to focus on what you need to now. You'll definitely find time after university, or at least that's been my experience :) I've graduated already and am working now. Somehow I have a lot more time now than I ever did in school haha. What are you studying, if you don't mind me asking?

    I'm really glad what I said means something to you! :) It's just really nice to make a friend who appreciates languages so much, I feel like it's an important part of making this world feel more unified. You inspire me to try harder myself!

    Your approach is spot on, that's something I've always been afraid of doing -- talking to someone in the language. I'm always afraid of making mistakes and looking silly; it's cool you don't seem to worry about that, or if you do you're very good at not showing it haha. And you're right, classrooms seem like a bad place to learn anything practical, especially languages. There are so many things to it than just words and grammar, seeing how someone speaks, when they use certain words in which instances, their body language, how the mouth moves on certain words...it's not something you can get from a textbook.
    Ich bin in EST, oder UTC -5. Also, ich gehe zur Universita:t? (not sure wenn die Schreibung ist richtig) Ich studiere Biochemie und Politikwissenschaft. Es ist ein Wort in Politikwissenschaft, und es komme von Deutsch: Realpolitik :P

    Oh my gosh I just realized how sloppy that post was *gulp*

    Ich liebe Feuerpokemon denn Feuer ist lustig XD <-- Also I have an anecdote about this. It came to my attention that one mistake that native German speakers make when learning English is confusing "fun" with "funny", because "fun" can translate as "lustig" but when you think "lustig" you think "fun-y". So they might go to the amusement park and go on a roller coaster, and when they talk about it they'll say something like "oh, that roller coaster was really funny" XD

    Does transcultural communication get at things like how the structure of language influences the way people think?
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