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  • Hy mate since your hack use Cha Cha's Battle Engine can u help me on the mega evolution part? Since i'm also using that engine for my hack. Thanks in advance! God Bless.
    I just wanted to say that your Theta Emerald EX game specifically has to be one of my favorites.
    I might guess that you might not come up with any possible other variants of the game, am I correct?

    If that's the case I would like you to hear me out about one of two things that should be considered to accommodate players.

    I have looked at reviews of Theta Emerald EX and a few were concerned that the PC max capacity is limited, and my solution to this problem could be a upgraded system revamp similar to Radical Red's Complete FireRed Upgrade but in a Emerald system. I know this to be honestly true of an issue!
    I also wanted you to review a modified version of this game that I developed; and please don't criticize the additional content. This was a timely consuming task to develop; more particularly the difference is adding Gen 7 and Gen 8 Pokémon:
    Theta Emerald EX+;
    Gen 7-8 Pokémon, updated moveset, concept of G-Max as Mega Evolution.
    Mechanics: more particularly Mega Evolution, Reusable TMs, EXP from catching Pokémon, Running Indoors, and also thought of hidden areas of Hoenn, slightly expanded map.

    I look at your games and have played both and competed Theta Emerald and Theta Emerald EX. I could envision the potential for at least the upgraded system to accommodate for more Pokémon, but I found out the CFRU goes to 24 boxes maximum.
    Hello LCCoolJ95,
    I am not sure if you are still on this site/community but i need help of you.

    My version 1.2 i think of pokemon emerald theta ex stopped working after you learn the move frenzy plant in a pokemon center. And after i learned the move it saved the game so i am sort of softlocked but since none of the buttons work i cant reset my game or do anything to fix this problem, so i was wondering if you could help me?

    [ i downloaded the game via aptoide and not via a gba simulator because i dont know how those work. I downloaded the app from a guy named "catappult" ]

    Lss: my game stopped working after learning frenzy plant to sceptile, can you help me with this problem.

    You can re-contact me trough my email ; [email protected]
    Or you can message me trough this site/community board.

    Thank you in advanced,
    Quentin aka "kwantessel"
    I was able to view your items for Theta Emerald EX in G3T. Holy smokes. Where did you find the ASM for like Focus Sash and all those?
    Would you be able to give me an old version of your pokemon theta emerald that has only the pokemon from 4th gen and sylveon in it. I saw a youtube vid on your page with them. I am very interested in that.
    Hello there. First I would like to thank you and congratulate you for your work on theta emerald, I love this game! :D But, I got a problem while advancing in the game with the 7th gym leaders. When I get to Gardevoir my game freezes. I used the gameshark code for shiny pokemon, just to see how they appear, and I thought that it might be the problem. So I deleted the codes but no result. Please help me with that, i would really love to finish this game. :(
    Hey I'm glad you're back in the hacking scene. I've played probably a hundred or so different hacks in my lifetime but yours is by far my favorite. Being able to delete HM's is awesome and the level 250 thing is dope. I wish you the best of luck LC with future updates and life in general!
    Happy birthday, man! Good job on your hacking talents!

    Oh, and my birthday is two days after yours. Coincidence, am I right?
    Hey LCCoolJ, don't let all these people get to you man. Take all the time you need and ignore all their bullshit.
    sorry for disturb, but i have one question,how i make GIII haking suite or PGE read jambolearnedmovehack (3 bytes for move) ?
    hey did you include hoopa's unbound forme in theta emerald? i have found hoopa but i dont know if his other forme is included in the game
    well um
    i guess i just wanted to say that your ruby renev run was rather joyful and i actually liked watching it, rather surprisingly~
    Hey, LC. Are you still have your old emerald 721 incompleted rom? I saw you said start it over before, because you said you don't know how to expand 510 maximum moves and 377 maximum items, so you changed the another Rom to start it over for 721. that it means your first 721 rom is not complete yet and not continue to hack on that rom, can you share us that 721 rom which you said haven't expanded 510 maximum moves and 377 maximum items for rom base? Thanks a lot.
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