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    Had that happen a lot, especially noticed it when i had to presentate in Dutch and then in English everything in English just went way smoother!

    I've actually been doing quite amazing lately, probably in one of the best moods I've been in for years (that's okay things like that can happen)!
    Thank you it's been a wild ride to graduate so I see it as one.
    Well considering I've now graduated I want to go into the IT route.
    Exactly. Sometimes im better in a foregin language than my native one.

    Not really just a week or 2, right now I feel fine again.
    I got a redo and managed to graduate so that's out of the question now xD
    I half like it due to the people there, but the actual job itself is kinda taking a toll on my sanity so I'm looking for something else.
    I do not have plans atm to learn those languages. Grammar is the worst, even for my native language.

    apart from being a bit ill my day was pretty good thank you :D
    I mean at the least they said they'll focus on getting us ready for the exams this time. I work there just over a year now, before that I worked at a supermarket.
    Thank you! :D
    Well the tournament went splendid though, even though I had a nasty cough I didn't get first rounded.
    It very much is, like i learn a lot more about things and eventually it might come in handy somehow haha. Oof I can imagine Swedish being hard.

    Thank you :D
    Yea instead everyone got the advice to redo the year. I currently work at a place where they bundle up all the advertisement papers for people to deliver them to every house in the neighbourhood. It's chill but can get annoying at times.
    I'd like to learn some Slovakian, Finnish and Korean at some point aswell. What kind of languages do you speak?
    Yes certainly, it helps a lot.

    Thanks :D, yes it's the 19th of this month indeed.
    Well the problems eventually get solved, for the others and not for our group so it's what I like to call, a clown fiesta. If I have to redo the year cause of this I don't really care that much I'd just not go to school and take more days at work for more income. Don't really see the point of going to school for things I already passed haha.
    I can speak english and dutch fluently, bit of german and french, wanting to learn other languages too.
    It's a great group of friends really where banter is almost guaranteed really haha.

    Like it's cool n all to be good at games, but theres something I dream of to do with it, participating and winning a tournament in which I start to play in one this Tuesday (on my bday of all things).
    There is still trouble for us and knowing college there won't be a fix till it's too late :(
    I did in finnish, russian, swedish, german, italian, english yada yada... a lot haha
    it was just for banter really, I got invited straight back aswell :P

    Pretty much yes. I went to record too for the heck of it!
    Well things haven't gone as they should've gone, some random nonsense, internet dying, machines not working, etc.
    in various languages too!
    nobody expects the spanish inquisition and then i got kicked from the server xD

    I have become quite notorious for being a pain in the arse with a sniper rifle haha.
    Well to be quite honest it's been a massive clown fiesta atm. I have faith but if college keeps messing up its going to be harder and harder D:
    Characteristic PLOMF
    I had a spaniah friend and I told him he's a spain in the arse xD

    Quite a lot actually. Yesterday was the most recent and today ill play more.
    Its still very much doable so I have hope
    Yes that does hurt far more indeed haha.
    I wanted to think of a pun, but i cant think of one atm xD

    I usually tend to be good with shooters and strategy games, for shooters mainly shooters with sniper rifles for some reason. It tilts people apparently haha.
    There's always a redo in the 5th week, which i aim to get those 2 weeks right.
    Oh yes definitely that tilits me so much.
    They simply dont have humor :b

    Personally, video games are what my skill is at.
    Well anything is possible despire failing 2 weeks xD
    You're not the only one at that, did it too.
    Indeed. And even more if its recorded!

    True that although my skills lie somewhere else haha
    4 weeks, this is the 2nd one.

    Ah I see thats a-ok
    Oh yeah I forgot to ask yesterday: Do you have Discord? :D
    Who knows, it is an interesting experiment for sure!
    I find them cringy but always laugh at them, I pull them off myself aswell hahaha.

    I kinda want to, but I never gotten around cause I'm pretty bad.
    Yup, keeps me going. Thanks will see how it goes.

    Well I wish you a good night then! :D
    Probs will, but will it solve the endless nightmares of falling :thonk:
    Well everyone moans and then tells them to GET OUT so I mean thats a consequence haha.

    Ahh I see, I have drawn a little 5 years ago but I lost the touch really.
    Well I enjoy them so it's always a pleasant feeling. Well currently in finals for my studies so thats part survival, and other things aswell.
    Yea they are haha. Will try that, not sure if it works at all.
    Yea we have a anti pun policy enforced now lmao.

    Oh thats interesting. What kind of things do you draw?
    Myself im stuck playing games, chatting in Discord, meming and surviving life xP
    Not on my end at least! Depends where I land really, although usually it's still painful :thonk:
    Oh you should see the group I play games with, one pun and everyone goes off at the person hahaha

    But what about you, what do you like to do in spare time? :o
    I can't even bribe myself I literally have to run out of everything to eat before I actually move my lazy butt. Well for one I put a blanket besides my bed... needless to say, it wasnt a soft landing.
    I meme nearly all the time if I'm in a good mood, at some point I wonder when im gonna get punished for it xD
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