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    Yes, I will show you sometime! I'll send the pic over skype when I can. And neither have I haha, I've been well! Of course I remember you, silly :D
    Thanks! I can't believe it's been 5 years since I joined. It doesn't feel like it's been that long.
    Thanks, Lexa~ That's quite alright, I've been busy too! I did get a few things worth noting, though I didn't really want much. Halo 3 was among one of my favorites, as it is probably my favorite game from the Master Chief Trilogy during the Human-Covenant war! I also got a horse mask, and I have a feeling I'll be using that a lot... hahahaha xD Otherwise, I got a few shirts, some books, and candy. That's about all I needed, so I was glad! Then I visited lots of family so that also was a "gift" in its own way~
    Lol ya it was pretty good ;)
    I got a new desktop computer and a lot of books and some rings. Along with the traditional giftcards. Wbu?
    Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, Lexa!
    He was in Yuma a month or so ago, doing a concert at a casino. I could have gone, but tickets were sold out. Bummer though!

    Brad Paisley is my favorite, alongside Justin Moore, and Eli Young Band. Really glad to see another person who's a huge country fan as I am. There are legit none here on PC. D:
    Im literally everything haha. I watch the anime played all the games had some tcg years then got out of it love the movies play hacks beta test fangames competitive battle shiny trade and so on lol. My favorite would have to be the games because I'll always play the main story games theyre just great :) but they are a lot different from TCG. And thats cool i never got to play stadium or snap but i saw the big big BIG arcade thing (like the size of 5 doors) for sale which i should have bought haha
    Yes, I did. Talk to you there :)
    I use to really be into MLP, but I've since lost some of my interest in the fandom. I'm going back to just a watcher of the show.

    I love Eevee 'cause it's cute and I really like dogs (it's a canine, so it's close enough) I would say that Slyveon is my favorite. What's not to like, I mean it freaking slays dragons with the power of the moon! A close second would be Flareon though. I like fire types.
    Ya TCG is kinda dying out here...
    Lol my profile i just picked new colors it kinda makes my eyes hurt but i still love it haha!
    Dedenne is pronounced: Day-day-nay. ️Haha
    And u wont have to worry about that since im getting it changed to Hanbei soon!
    So what other things do u like in pokemon? The anime? Manga? Fangames? Hacks? The main games? Spin offs? Anything like that?
    I just sent one :p Will do, please add me back :)
    Hahahaha we'll see about that... ;) Thank you, Lexa, I'll try to hang in there today, you as well! Congratulations on the sleep, you needed it! You must be feeling even better now :)
    Sorry for not getting back to u quick my router is a bit messed up atm :)
    Anyways im fine alittle tired trying to finish playing some hacks haha ;)
    Currently Playing: Pokemon Resolute
    Ya tcg isnt that busy im rarely there myself since im not all that interested but there are spikes since theres always people on and a mix of interets :D
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