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  • amazing. As I type I am at a convention (And it feels WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY later than 3 PM)
    Oh my god.... Not only are you on today but it's your birthday too? :o
    Yeah. We attempted to make an attempt at attempting to sell this awesome.

    Yus! Plus I've had 904856304958304 hours of spare time so I'm already grinding for the hall of fame after the N fiasco and whatnot. The shiny was Kangaskhan XD My team is in the 60's and is as follows(The names under the sprites are nicknames of course)...

    We do.
    Our tolerance is much higher than average. But this combined awesome compressed into a little pill? Not sure.

    WOOOOO! I have jap black and eng white.
    And on white i caught a shiny last night.
    But it could have disastrous side affects! Unfortunately the body only has the capacity for so much awesome. :c

    water mono sounds fun! That's what I would have done but grass was more fun.

    Oooooh that would be fun. XD -playing english white now-
    Bu what challenge....
    Well that's a win lose! -nodnod-

    I've been good. looking for a way to do college and such and such...
    And doing a grass monotype on my emerald. :3

    And this level of awesome has been restrained for too long! It must be.... unleashed? released? sent out on a mission of pure awesome so awesomely awesome the world would explode from the sheer level of awesomeness? XD
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