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Light and Darkness Dragon
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  • I have the prototype all nice and completed, but I did lose the instructions with the death of my laptop, so I'll have to retype that out.
    whoops sorry, was distracted for a bit. I can do now though. Public or locked room/what's your username?
    Aw really. I still have the bulk of my collection. I remember having shoe boxes full of cards, but I sorted a lot of them out and sold the duplicates. I don't think I could ever part with them.

    Yeah...stealing others' cards was a big thing in my school as well. Not so much Pokemon, but Yugioh cards. Man I wanted to hit those kids who stole my cards over the head. I got them back eventually. I had to steal them back haha.
    We're using UE4. What skillset did you hope to bring to the table?
    A month ago, we were planning on making a 3-D side-scrolling platformer, but we decided to switch to something smaller. Why? Were you interested?
    I maintain and update it now, but I didn't create it. A chap called poccil took an existing Pokémon battle system and made Pokémon Essentials around it. I took over from him when he drifted away.

    But thanks for the sentiment.
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