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  • I don't think there are any places like that sorry, but I'm sure you knew that by now. Sorry again
    Hey there!! I have no idea how long ago you sent me that friend request, but I just accepted it! Sorry, I didn't even see it somehow!!
    Ah alrighty well so far the panel looks good. So keep at it and wish you luck on finishing that animation
    Just looked at them and they look pretty good. Also water color seems like a cool art medium to use. And animation project? Seems interesting....is it with pokemon or no?
    Oh that's nice to know. So what do you look to draw? More of what do you think is your strong suit?
    Mhm I have done a few drawings (Though they aren't good) of pokemon as humans or clothing items.
    With Dunsparce I actually want to make like a hoodie that is basically Dunsparce. The back has the stripes while the front is just plane yellow. Also either sew on plush wings onto it and the hood part has Dunsparce's eyes on it. And I thought maybe make a small face mask to represent its mouth.
    Mhm Dunsparce is a cute and nice pokemon...Also sorry for the really late response just irl stuff happened and some traveling around, but I'm back now.
    Happy Birthday to my mom!^^ Wanna vm back to this message so everyone else who see's my profile knows its my mom's birthday today? :D
    Hm.....My ideal team might be Meganium, Dunsparce, Drifblim, Magnezone, Ribombee, and Abomasnow (with Abomasnowite)
    Ah ok...well one I'd suggest that might be easier is either...like stated before monotype. Since it is just using one type of pokemon like only using grass type pokemon or bug. Another might be a random pokemon challenge where you randomize your team. So essentially like on pokemon showdown and the random battles.
    Some can be, but others are like you play through the game with some rules...Say monotype where you can only use one type or monocolor and only use a certain color of pokemon.
    It would depend on the challenge. Cause some might be more detailed with requirements and all that while others are just loose and you can do whatever as long as it fits. So it is more of what you'd be interested in. But in my opinion they are fun just depends on what game and how difficult the challenge might be to "set up".
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