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  • Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary, Happy anniversary!
    Lol i'm almost done the dex now I'm 694 and thats with all the event pokes except for one so i need to reach 717 ill be done soon
    sorry for the delay in response gf would rather me pay attention to her than pokemon when shes home lol but ya sounds good I got all the starters though so those won't be a problem haha let me know what you'll need and I'll see if I can help
    Yes, and stuff like pike and etc. It's just really difficult for me as an endomorph to be able to achieve that sort of figure without a lot of work and absolutely no slip-ups. And.. for me I don't know if it's actually possible as I used to be quite overweight (mores than in the photo I posted but I didn't have one that old..) and so I have stretch marks and a bit of loose skin so I wonder if it will ever get as firm as I want but.. hey! It's fine. I'm allowed to indulge in a bit of cake or a biscuit once every while and enjoy life. *_* That being said, I made myself a lovely flat iron steak for dinner tonight and it was lovely.
    Thanks man! Yeah I just want to gain a couple more pounds of muscle. I think it would be cool to have like Victoria-Secret-model abs and a super flat tummy, but I like cereals/grains and milk a bit too much to achieve it, so I'm just aiming for healthy moderation which can be tough because I like good hearty foods or if they're leaner, then expensive foods that are hard to always reach for when on a budget (caviar, pistachio, fresh tuna steaks, smoked salmon, mango, lamb, figs, raspberries, prawn, prosciutto, etc.)
    Haha ya we could do that and i've found the easiest way to do it is catch them in white and x then gts trading what i can't get myself works good so far. I need drowzee and paras since your doing leafgreen though lol
    I'm just now replying sorry. I cant right now cause I dont have Friend Safari mysekf yet. I only have one badge. lol
    Hi there! In order to add someone you need to add their 3DS friend code. It uses that FC now. Add a person's Friend Code to your 3DS friend list and once they add you back, you should see them on your PSS. I can help only a bit since I have like 30 Pokemon lol. But maybe I have something you need. My FC is 0602-6428-7887
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