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  • I actually posted a new rate my team with my updated team if you want to check it out. I feel a lot better about this one.
    You play tested my team back in October and Im just getting back to you now, I'm sorry haha. I realize that those hidden powers don't work, you see I used an Iv calculator when they were level 1 and haven't actually used it on any of them ever since...don't know why. I swapped out houndoom for dragon dance charizard because I got a shiny one, and I tried a more wallish cofagrigus as opposed to my calm minded wall cofagirgus. I also tried reptile with a choices band to use as a revenge killer and he's working quite well actually. I got the idea from my previous reptile that was a special sweeper with choice specs used as a revenge killer. My Miltank A.K.A. Whitney, is working much better as a lead then I had actually thought. A friend of mine that was testing it beat several UU teams with just Lapras, and tried a curse set, but that didnt go too well for him. He said in his personal experience that he hasn't encountered much stealth rock in RU, and that Charizard is working better then he thought It would, but only when he brings it in on something it'll care away. I haven't tried the team in a while though, kit letting you know what changes I made and what changes a friend of mine tried. I don't have the internet at my house so he tests them for me, and I battle whenever I go somewhere with WiFi.
    What would think about this for my Lapras?
    Nature- Adamant
    Ability- Water Absorb
    - Dragon Dance
    - Waterfall
    - Ice Beam
    - Zen Headbutt
    EV spread of 32 hp/ 252 att/ 224 speed

    I was thinking about using the boltbeam combo but I'm iffy on that set while having access to dragon dance, even though rest, sleep talk, ice beam, and thunderbolt would be rather nice, I think the dragon dance set can do more damage but I'm not sure.
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