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  • Sorry for the stuff Aki did. She's changed since she went off with some guy.

    We still chill, kay?
    Cant wait to watch it! Will tell you what I think of it! :) if the next season already confirmed? btw I was in your city two weeks ago for a training for "Red cross". talk about coincedence. Are you studying there?

    Yeah I hate it when people start talking french, or german, or dutch when there are other people in the same room/server who can only talk english.
    yeeey! How did you stumble onto this forum? Thank you by the way for mentioning Blacklist! I wanted to watch that but forgot the name! (only watched episode 1) How far are you in the serie?
    (look at us being proper people on the internet, talking English instead of our primairy language)
    I'm listening to immortality right now. xD

    Yup! My hero academia is soo awesome. So far I like everything. Season 1 is going to end next month.

    I want to ask if it's OK with you though. Are you a returning member or new member?

    This question is just out of curiosity.
    I watched a couple of episodes of clannad and stein:gate they're awesome.
    I'm currently watching My hero academia.

    I've played guitar hero couple of years ago. I'm thinking of playing it again after listening about it from you xD

    I listened song black. Yup! its good.
    I haven't listen to Dragonforce that much but I like "Through the Fire and Flames" and "Heroes of our time". I stumbled across them while I'm listening a AMV xD.

    Do you watch any anime?
    Hmmm.....Bullet for my Valentine, Death, Avenged Sevenfold, Breaking Benjamin, Red, Hollywood Undead, Papa roach, skillet, Three day grace, Imagine dragons, linkin park and I can go on and on haha!

    My current favourite band is "From Ashes to New"

    How're you?
    What about you? Which band you like?
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