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  • LocksmithArmy,
    My name is Qordales, and I have a lot of questions regarding your hack: Pokemon ultra violet. I am attempting similar hack effects, but there are parts of the modding that still confuse me. I have looked all over the internet for answers, but it is clear to me that I need help from a pokemon hacking master.
    hey! i know this is super old and i'm probably not gonna get a reply, but i've been trying to get this to work for about 45 minutes (just pressing random buttons) and idk what to do. the only buttons that do anything are a + s and those don't help me get into the game. i'm on a mac and using vba, is there a reason it won't let me? just because i'm on mac or something?
    Everytime I try loading the rom from here. It says invalid GBA file. Is there a fix? Or does it only work for a specific emulator? I'm using a. Mobile device also.
    I'm a huge fan of your work with Pokemon Ultra Violet, congratulations.

    Anyway, I'm suffering with the bug after elite 4, I'm playing for MyBoy Emulator on Android and after winning Elite 4, the game is muted (with background noise) and any evolution causes it to crash, it could help me solve the problem ?
    I been playing pokemon Ultra Violet for a while now and i absolutely love the hack. the only issue i have run across that is game breaking is in the elite four. some times the game glitches out at the end of a battle and sends me back to pallet. upon re-entering the elite four to battle i am stuck in the doorway since i neither lost to them nor beaten the champion, thus making the elite four no longer playable. i was wondering if you could some how fix this maybe if this glitch happens you can add a Random NPC at pallet town when you talk to her the script will clear the elite four flag and allows you to continue the game. if this seems to much of an issue for you i dont mind paying for an update to solve this.
    Hey, LSA. I hate to disturb you, but I need to report a bug with your Multi Choice Manager Tool. When working with pokemon emerald, when you add more choices, the entire game gets wrecked and needs to be replaced. For instance,


    Box: 0858AEC0
    Choices: 4

    085EAEC3 Fresh Water\cÛ [$]200
    *085EAED6 Soda Pop\cÛ [$]300
    085EAEE6 Lemonade\cÛ [$]400
    085EB7EA Exit

    What I'm trying to accomplish:

    Box: 08531540
    Choices: 6

    08531543 Berry Juice\cÛ [$]100
    08531556 Fresh Water\cÛ [$]200
    *08531569 Soda Pop\cÛ [$]300
    *08531579 Lemonade\cÛ [$]400
    *08531589‬ Moomoo Milk\cÛ [$]500
    085EB7EA Exit

    First, type in the first four (Berry Juice to Lemonade) and change the offsets.

    Next, click save.

    Simple, right? Now he're comes the breaker.

    Choose 6 Choices. Click Save

    The offsets for number 5 and 6 become a random number.

    After this, attempt to edit the text. You can't right? Because it's full of bytes.

    So, try to Edit the Offsets instead first.

    Click save.

    What happens? The original 4 offsets become scrambled.

    This is really difficult to pinpoint, because the offsets may overwrite actual data.

    Now, try to edit the two new offsets. Nice dice, right? Even though those offsets are clear, it still shows those offsets as full in the editor.
    the guide has a few errors:it says the aid on route 15 gives the item finder but he gives the exp share. it also says that Clampurt can be found in dread mountian but the name of the pkmn is camerupt
    i love pkm ultra violet but one thing i find kinda weird is the whole 4 point island thing. what i mean by that is that the island is meant to let you get hoenn pokemon but you can unlock it as soon as you get to vermilion city. if you can/want maybe think about makeing a version that makes you need to finish the "ruby sapphire" event/quest thats part of the post game. that way you can have a longer and better after game. also the after game is when you normally get access to new pkmn so it would fit. (or make a new guide that has the 4 point island stuff after the ruby sapphire event)
    when i get the deed to the house on 4 point,it says "now your a home owner" when the your should be you're (meaning you are)
    hi. i dont know whether its cause my version is out of date or the guide is wrong but the guide says there is a hidden item were mr fuji is (in pkmn tower) but there is no hidden item *edit:the item is the soothe bell edit 2: you have to use the item finder exactly on the spot he was standing
    i dont know if this happens to other people but no new names were added to pkmn ultra violet. what i did was name my character violet (a girl) and my rival infra (like infra red light)
    guys. if you go to the shiny spot on route 3,then go buy the magicarp,without getting into a battle, the carp will be shiny

    i am playing your "PKMN ultra violet" rom and am enjoying playing it. however i am contacting you to tell you that the item "sunstone" is infact in fire red/leaf green. one can be found past a rock smash rock on "4 island" (according to a guide it is a star piece so i might be wrong) but there is one in the south west part of 6 islands "dotted hole" area behind a strength puzzle. that said there is no need to remove the ability to buy the sun stone cause there are more than one pkmn that need it
    Hey dude, first of all thank you for making something that I think every pokemon game fan has been silently screaming for in forever! ������ But I have one issue... I'm going for 386 but can't seem to locate shuckle. There's a guide that states its on kindle Road in a smash able rock. But I've been going for hours and to no avail. However I've noticed you've previously stated it should be in its fr and LG original location which is altering cave? Can you confirm please?
    Hi LSA. Do you by any chance still have that old script you made to skip the ending credits scene in Pokémon Fire Red?
    I think you posted it at some point in LaZ's old page, but I can't find it anymore. The only thing I could was a video of it.

    Thanks in advance for reading.
    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it in the thread you made in PHO.
    Hey, I really like Ultra Violet and i encountered a problem, I tried to have a swampert learn Hydro Cannon at Cape Brink, but it won't learn it. Friendship is maxed out so I don't know what's the problem
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