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  • Happy late Anniversary! (I really suck at this kind of things). BTW Mr. Espeon guy. Cabbage is a girl.
    Hello Mr. Logical! Can you please tell me which softwares are you using for making banners? Support banners...
    Hi! Just a reminder that sign ups for Demon Hunters are about to close so if you're still keen to join, I can hold them for a bit :)
    Awesome :)
    Once we have you in we'll really only need one or two more to be able to get started I think.
    Hey Cabbage :3 Just wondered if you still want to be a part of Ten Little Days - I'm not gonna kick you out or anything like that, more that I wanted to know if you haven't posted 'cause you haven't had time, or if you didn't know what to post, or whatever.
    Nobody is behind in BA :) Some have only just started in Pewter City. But if you don't want in anymore, it's alright. Too bad though :)
    Hi again, I posted another PM and it seems you didn't notice that one too. It contains a better version of the tileset for Kappa. I tried inserting a few of those myself (the grass worked yay) but I keep getting into trouble. Thanks in advance.
    Just so you know, we've had a couple updates to Outbreak. Try to check out the threads soon and let us know what you and your character are up to!
    Hey Logical, I posted you a private message regarding the blurred tileset, did you notice it? I understand you don't have a picture right there, but can you please reply with 'I don't have time now' or something? Thanks in advance.
    Needing help to come up on Earth and Sky? Also i have been thinking... What is your favorite Pokemon? Stupid m key
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