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  • hola buenas noches quería saber si tiene la rutina de follow me que no sea un parche o compilada
    la quiero compilar yo y cambiar los offset a mi gusto
    desde ya muchas gracias
    lol you're fine~
    i figured out a lot of things since and ended up writing my own routine for the effects desired lol
    i do need to figure out where the switch function is located in the pokemon party menu ahaha but that shouldn't be hard
    Here's the current progress on Gen IV sprites
    I'm just behind those particular mons backs so can definitely get to those shortly.
    The eventual aim of my resource is to include Gen II/Yellow devamps of everything (tilesets, maps, townmaps, trainers, music, games etc. though gen II is now the main focus) so emotion sprites for all pokes, while the least important focus (as much as Yellow is my first and favourite game only a few pokemon will likely be used in hacks) are definitely in my list so I'd be happy to help with another! Though my favourite is Pikachu with it being my first pokemon haha
    You can probably find them hidden in the depths of Skeetendo's devamp thread but I'll jump on my laptop in ten minutes and dig them up from my personal resource. There may not be back sprites for those yet (I'm pretty much the only artist working on backs) but I can add those to the list of needed ones for hacks and other than Rangi's trainer sprites I'm all caught up so can get that done quick, maybe even tonight or tomorrow.
    Hey. Scratch is difficult but editing with references is easy enough and I have plenty of gen I/II Meowth sprites to reference so I should be fine.
    However I won't be able to get to it for a few days (got a sprite or two to finish for Rangi first plus uni applications) so a reference Meowth face would speed things along if you don't mind.
    just a question; how would dynamic sprites be used with follow me? would it be a hook in the npc-loading function or...?

    EDIT: also, if you're interested in 3ds modding, you can follow plailect's guide on it. don't know your stance on modifying the 3ds software itself, but hey, my 2ds is working amazingly running luma.
    although 11.3 has yet to find an arm9 kernel exploit so you probably can't get a custom firmware if you're updated all the way
    Okay, I had to improvise something so:

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