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Lord Comquat
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  • Ok then? That seems like it would likely be caused by some sort of data overlap somewhere else. That doesn't make sense that your XSE would do this... The thing that actually makes me shy away from this is that the second part of your script was compiled, but under the same class...
    Try redownloading from here, I guess...

    When I compile yours as-is, I get no freeze...
    What happens is that the msgbox "The ghost was the restless spirit..." shows up for me as the battle starts.
    When we add the "callstd 0x4" after the msgbox it waits for our message box to be closed and then does the above.
    Add a waitstate after the "wildbattle" command really quickly. This has worked for me...
    try all of this
    i might have to actually compile it and mess around with it myself
    Unknown: 0003
    Var number: 4059
    Var value: 0000
    Unknown: 00 | 00

    brb in a bit
    First, fill out the info in A-Map about the S-tile as follows:

    You're saying that all you did was replace Marowak line with Golurk's? Did you apply JPAN's Engine? And you're still using vanilla FR's script for it?

    EDIT: Here, post the script you use. I know you said it was Vanilla FR's, but I would like to see it.
    More importantly: How are you accessing it in-game? Like, do you talk to it, or is it via a "green S" script tile?
    there are pther places where there are rival battles--the champion's room's level script is done in an extremely hacky way anyways and i don't like it
    i know that a block of trainers (0x1AA - 0x1B8) is entirely dedicated to rival teams. indexes 0x1B6-1B8 are the champion's teams (one for each starter choice), and these are pre-national dex teams (the post ones are indexes like 238? can't remember off the top of my head). i'm still unsure as to whether or not i truly understand your question as you're attempting to communicate.
    to answer more locations, cerulean city has a rival battle, pokémon tower in lavender town has another, and the s.s. anne has another. all of these last examples will have the rival battle located in a green s-script tile located on the ground while the rival himself will likely be shown by a-map just standing there with movement type "Hidden"
    You have to insert your cries and put in your offsets not mine u only copy the table and overwrite it just so you can get the cries to work after that you need to do your own cry insertion and add to where the pointer to that inserted cry is
    I got all gen 4 and 5 icons for u but can't send them now because I have no internet and I'm on the road will send them later
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