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  • Hello there! I noticed your post in the wanted shinies thread about wanting a shiny Eevee, and I just so happen to have a spare one in Gen 9 if you'd like to have him. I caught a bunch during the big Eevee outbreak event, and this one was left over from that. Just let me know. :mareepwave:
    I see your user title and i was immediately like Golden Sun. Omg,,, I love that game. I haven't played the sequel, but I've played through a good chunk of the first game and a little bit of Dark Dawn.
    Awesome! I was introduced ti the franchise through Dark Dawn (I know, it isn't as great as the first two games). And then I played the pre-Golden sun games and found them to be better than DD. I've named my Gyarados in Omega Ruby after Alex, because he is an intriguing character.
    You know, your userrank reminds me quite a bit of Golden Sun. Are you a fan of the games?

    Also, you're into Stargate SG-1?
    Both ORAS and XY have shiny charm.

    I completed a living dex(minus Events) in White 2 then used bank to transfer it .
    I haven't completed the Dex in ORAS yet.

    I think with the event starters you may be able to complete the Dex with a copy of all 4 6th gen games

    Or do a lot of GTS trades

    You can get shinies without the charm.
    You have to complete the National Dex then talk to the Professor.
    You don't need Event Legends

    Are you playing ORAS (Doesn't have a Friend Safari) or XY?
    You can get there after defeating the E4.
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
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