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  • I had a flatmate during PhD days in Sydney, but here alwasy had this flat to myself, sans when family or Janna was visiting.

    Thanks, am keeping some exercise going here and so forth.
    Yeah, I have all the spare time in the world, so to speak now... a strict lockdown for 3 weeks started today!
    Yeah, sure. Just shoot me a DM whenever! Same username as here of course. :V

    Playing BOTW atm, just finishing off extra exploration. Going to move to other games after I already have (yay backlog). Some Crypt of the Necrodancer as well, and GO. Meanwhile thinking on maybe the next Fire Emlem game. Yourself?
    A less public forum? O_O

    I am excited, haha. Some nice additions and improvements shown/announced already. Next year but that's fine, got other games to play already!
    "pc person" she owns the site. =p It wasn't, actually (but I was then haha).

    Less than a year away, goodness. Best of luck with it!

    I don't mind it, although prep can take ages. I think I'm fairly decent at it by now, and have been told that. Teaching karate for a while has helped, haha.
    Yeah, we are. It's Sheep, btw. :B

    Congrats on the engagement!! Awesome news. And August isn't far off then.Whereabouts in Aus?

    It's going well. Busier now, but that is good in a sense. Conference next month - half an hour talk, so got to do more work to present results and also make the talk for it!
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