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  • Best of luck as the new TC mod! And first time in a while we have had a mod with numbers in their name.
    You are very welcome! Glad we could finally get the time to work. @w@ Enjoy the rest of your day!
    (Also, when you have a little time, can you leave me a review? Even a little something will work, but no pressure!)
    Same, see you in a bit! (remember you can jsut send me junk, I need to make room in my game and all haha)
    PERFECT, and I am even home and ready on time! I'll register you and be on in a sec! (Remember that you can just send me junk, I'm trying to clear out my boxes and all that haha.)
    Okay, I think I should be back in time! My train gets in just past 7 and I have to walk home, so I think I'll be alright by 7:30 (11:30 AM for you)?
    Cool! I will warn you though, there's a chance I won't make the train in time so I might not get home til as late as 9 PM (1 PM for you). Unfortunately I'm on a business trip that day so it's not really up to me. @@ If something does happen though, I'll let you know ASAP!
    Earlier is better for me! I confirmed I am out of town that day but I will be back prooooobably around 7 PM my time? So any time from then to 10 PM works!
    There's a small chance I will be out of town that evening but I'll know on the day, so for now sounds good! Will see you then!
    Sooooo does that not actually work for you? On Saturdays I can do anything from 10 AM to 10 PM (1 AM to 1 PM for you I think).
    K so someone here didn't have the right time. I thought we agreed on 5 PM my time; that's when I posted my message.
    Hiya! Not sure if yer around but if you are let me know and I'll gather the Pokemon I have for you!
    Agh I'm so sorry I missed you this past weekend! I was out of town Sat but thought I could make the time, alas I could not. @@ I have trade times this Wed but starting from 7 PM (which would be 3 AM for you?) which I think is too late. Saturday should also be okay anytime, though I might have something to do around 5 so it would have to be done quick.
    Yes, 5 Pm MY Saturday (not sure if it's still Sat for you). Had issues with people not converting times correctly so I just want to emphasize that haha.
    That sounds odd to me but alright, if it works! I can do 5 PM on my Saturday this week.
    Hiya! I am back from my trip and have trade times available again! Details are in my giveaway thread, so please check and let me know what day and time would work! c:
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