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  • Haha, I totally get what you mean (and yes, it started in April). But the problem with watching it raw is that it can come off more bland than it really is. Like, when I saw the final duels of Zexal raw, I was like... "what... how disappointing, this is so bland." But after re-watching them subbed, I finally understood what made those episodes episodes so good, and I almost cried. xD

    He might be from the Academia, but who knows. xD
    From the looks of it, he could've been following Yuya because he found the power of Pendulums to be very suspicious... heck, maybe he wants it for himself! I wouldn't exactly call Pendulums the opposite of Xyz. I know what you mean by that, but it looks like Pendulums serve to get out Synchro/Xyz materials out on the field in order to support them and make them run faster. (Like, you can special summon a tuner and a non-tuner at the same time, and you can get out two level 4 monsters at the same time, as well.)

    Haha, yeah. If only Funimation got a hold of YGO...

    I agree. Also, "Performpal" sounds kinda... corny. xD And "Entermate" is an English pun anyways, so why butcher it?

    Nah, it's fine. And as for re-watching DM, I'm sure that'll be an incredibly slow process. xDD

    Yeah, that's him. Maybe he just sounded different for that particular episode. I think that happens with some characters, who knows. xD

    Ah ok, that's good. Honestly, I wouldn't survive either. xD

    Hmm, really? I know for a fact that all of the anime sites get their subbed Zexal episodes from "Neo Ark Cradle," but it may or may not be inconvenient for you.

    Lol, if you think that's bad, Yuma meeting Judai would be even worse. xD They'll go "GOTCHABING!" xD

    Yep, doubtful. 4Kids puts no love in their YGO dubs anymore (they quit that after GX), and they're too broke to afford the original music. xD

    Well... Shark had a D-Wheel! xDDD He's definitely the Yusei of the show, but since no one else had a D-Wheel, Shark didn't have any opponents to do a Riding Duel with. xD

    Nope, they weren't explained. =P It was like some distortion... a time distortion, maybe. That could explain why they just appeared out of nowhere.

    Ah, I see. I'll tell you when I receive it.
    Yeah, I think episode 35 literally came out today. The sub should be out before Thursday if they're on schedule. (I remember watching raws with Zexal since I couldn't wait for the sub... it was not a good experience. xD)

    Yes, out of nowhere. xD The biggest hint was that Sora said "where I come from, everyone uses Fusions," and Yuto said something like "Ruri would never learn the enemy's summoning method with a smile on her face!" I really like the way that they hinted it, but Sora himself made it so overkill that it became obvious. xD

    Well, it's really complicated... but simply put, 4Kids died, and Konami took what's left of it and renamed it to "4K Media" or something like that. So while 4Kids is "dead," it is still essentially the one dubbing Yu-Gi-Oh, which is quite unfortunate.

    Oh, speaking of Entermates and 4Kids, guess what Entermates are gonna be called in the dub... PERFORMPALS! xD (source link)

    About the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi lost it at the end along with all of the other Millennium items. Also, Yami was in GX because Judai time traveled. xD

    Haha, yeah. I think III's voice returns to normal later, because I can't really remember him with a deep voice. xD You're talking about the youngest brother with red hair, right?

    Since you haven't seen the series in a while, I'd recommend re-watching Zexal episodes 10, 11, and 12 subbed again, just because they were really good (and the dub screwed them up, in case you saw them dubbed). Episode 10 was the Shark vs Yuma rematch, and 11/12 were about the tag duel.

    It had to be intentional; I'm sure of it. There's no mistaking that those places are one and the same as the previous series. The only question is what happened to the old characters, and if they're gonna come back. (I hope so. xD)
    The card game might have hinted that Judai and Yusei are coming back, because they released new structure decks for them with brand new cards. Check out this trailer:
    Yes, that's Yusei's voice, and yes, those cards just came out. xD

    Ah, okay. Still a weird coincidence, though. xD

    Regarding the song "Crossing Thoughts," it actually played many times throughout Zexal, which makes it very memorable. It usually plays when Astral is having an emotional moment, but I'm sure there's more. Also, the dub isn't finished, but they're just gonna butcher the entire soundtrack with generic stock music anyways. xD

    Aaand as for the timeline, it's still a beta since there's information that we don't know, and ARC-V kinda screwed up my old timeline that I came up with before Zexal ended.
    Here's the one I made before ARC-V was announced:

    DM -> GX -> 5D's -> Yusei VS Z-one
    If Yusei defeats Z-one: 5D's -> Yusei VS Z-one -> Future of 5D's
    If Z-one somehow succeeds: 5D's -> Yusei vs Z-one -> Z-one rewrites history without Synchros and Momentum -> Zexal

    As you can see, there was kind of a split timeline going on there. But now, with ARC-V, it's kinda confusing since Synchros and Xyzs can exist at the same time. So here's my new timeline:

    DM -> GX -> ARC-V (no Pendulums) -> Summoning Method War
    If Synchros come out alive: DM -> GX -> ARC-V (no Pendulums) -> 5D's
    If Xyzs come out alive: DM -> GX -> ARC-V (no Pendulums) -> Zexal

    Both Synchros and Xyzs seem to have a bad future that they want to prevent, so they must have traveled back in time to present day ARC-V, and the time travel could have caused a major distortion that resulted in the creation of Pendulums. But it's all just a theory... an interesting one nonetheless. xD
    Yep, I believe that's where they left off.
    And yeah, Sora had "evil" written all over him from the very beginning. xD I watched enough Zexal to know where Sora was going, lololol.
    The dub might just make him call Shun a "loser" rather than prey, I don't know. xD

    Lol, yeah. Heck, 4Kids might be scarred by that... oh wait, they're supposed to be dead. xD

    I think it's just the generic-ness of Yuma's voice that makes him sound familiar, because you know... it sounds generic. xD

    I'm not so sure, actually. I know he did quite a few OPs/EDs of GX along with other shows, but I can't really remember. I just looked him up and it seems he didn't do as much as I thought, but he might still be out there.

    Haha, yeah. If Yugi had to be the main protagonist of all 5 series, he would end up taking the Ash route one way or another. xD
    And if Ash was suddenly gone, some people would cheer, while others would miss him.

    Heh, yeah. I couldn't help but like Silver Claw (as it looks like a much cooler version of "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter"). And your comment about "Entermate Fire Muffleo" literally just made my day. xD

    Hmm, as much as I want a crossover, it really just looks like a sequel to DM without the pharaoh. Of course, I would love to be proven wrong about that. xD

    As tempting as it is, I don't think I'll be looking at that spoiler. xD
    The plot is too interesting for me to read about without watching, lol.

    If you had to pick between them, I'd say choose Zexal because it moves a lot faster, and it's shorter. xD

    Yeah, I think ARC-V is related to ALL of them, including 5D's. They explicitly included the most important locations from all of the other series:
    -Academia (Duel Academy) from GX
    -Satellite from 5D's
    -Heartland from Zexal
    -As for DM... well, GX and 5D's are both futures of it xD

    Oh, gosh. I'm SO sorry about that, as I didn't see your message coming. xDD
    I had to send my last message in a rush, so I came back later (around that time) to proofread it and fix any typos before logging off. xP

    EDIT: I'm still trying to come up with a Yu-Gi-Oh master timeline (like Zelda's). xD

    Oh, yeah. When Astral died in the original, this song played:
    I thought you might like it, so...
    It's all good, bro. You were catching up with ARC-V? Great, now that means we're both up to date (and can have future conversations about it). xD

    I'm not sure about the exact number, but that sounds pretty realistic when you take into account the intentionally weak archetypes. I doubt Furnimals will get screwed over since Konami usually makes the anime archetypes underpowered, which gives them no real reason to be nerfed.

    Yeah, 4Kids most likely thought that Yuma would be fine with a stupid voice since he started out as a stupid character. xD

    Ahaha, I think I remember that one. They'll censor it for sure. xD

    I know what you mean. I've heard songs by Judai's voice actor (KENN), and they're pretty good.

    Yeah, unfortunately 5D's took a brunt of hate for some pretty pointless reasons, but the dub was also at fault. The single biggest reason, though, is just like Pokémon. A majority of people just simply grow up, and automatically hate things that aren't the original or the one(s) they saw as a kid. No matter how bad the original is (I'm looking at you Pokémon), or how much better the newer seasons are (again, Pokémon), they just automatically fixate on the original(s) being superior.
    I, too, was once guilty of that in Yu-Gi-Oh. I thought 5D's was the dumbest idea ever because it had card games on motorcycles and Yugi/Jaden weren't in it. Of course, the series eventually proved me wrong when I actually watched it (subbed). xD

    Aha, yeah. Silver Claw is probably the only Entermate that I like at the moment. xD (The others are kinda too generic.)

    YES! I just looked at the movie. xD I was honestly hoping for a good crossover, but I guess this will do. For all we care, ARC-V could serve as the crossover. And Kaiba's hand is just LOL. He probably has carpal tunnel syndrome. O.o
    (The biggest thing I'm hoping for in this movie is a Celtic Guardian upgrade, or for "Celtic" to become an archetype.)

    It's all good; long messages can help us both work out our brains, if that makes any sense. xP
    I think it's like 5 to 6 a year, but they release only 2-3 at a time.
    Yeah, they have annual championships. Sometimes people actually get creative and mix new archetypes with old ones, and it actually works out really well (given that those archetypes have something in common that give them great synergy).

    Oh, I actually worded that wrong, sorry. I meant that the new dubbers kept all of the old voice actors, writers, producers, and all that. But yeah, I kinda doubt that any saved money would go towards a good ARC-V dub. xD

    Haha, yeah. The gameplay of that KH demo was disturbingly similar to OoT (in a good way), so it really did tempt me. xP

    Gotcha! (No Judai reference intended xD) I'll add you the next time I'm on my 3DS.

    Yep, I can't remember the exact number, but they literally jumped from approximately episode 110 to about episode 120... Heck, they even skipped the mini-arc where Jack obtained Red Nova Dragon. And you know what they did? This:

    (during WRGP after the skipped episodes)
    Jack: *summons Red Nova Dragon*
    Crow: WHOA! Where did he get THAT card?
    Yusei: I have no clue...

    Inexcusable, really. xD

    Also, they skipped the final 18 episodes of 5D's, which not only included the final battle, but included a LOT of the most important moments and duels in the series. Also, some of the best character development happened in that last arc, but it didn't make it to the dub. Anyways, I'd say that the final arc of 5D's was my favorite of all, and I'm really glad that it never had to be butchered. xP (Whoops, I almost forgot to mention that there were many permanent deaths in that arc, as well.)

    That DOES look like him... Whoa...

    EDIT: I'm loving that avatar! Is it Entermate Silver Claw?
    Actually, I think new archetypes come in even faster, like every 4-5 months or so. They should be due very soon, if I recall correctly. xD

    "A soundtrack can really either make or break a series, honestly."
    ^Quoted for truth, man. I initially got into the subbed versions of 5D's and Zexal just because of the soundtracks. =3

    4Kids owned it for the first season or so, but the "new" dubbers are basically reusing the same voices/assets/staff members from 4Kids, so they are essentially "living on." xD

    Oh, nice. I think I played a demo of that Kingdom Hearts game, and it was pretty darn good.

    Of course! xD Mine is:
    2621 - 2878 - 6261

    *Oh, I forgot to mention that the 5D's dub skipped at least 10 important episodes in the middle of the WRGP arc, and then they cut out the final arc entirely. Similar to how Jaden died at the end of the GX dub, Yusei saved the world just by defeating Aporia, even though there was supposed to be a lot more drama up ahead. -_-
    Yeah, I wouldn't recommend taking on the competitive scene until things get stable. I just hope that the next archetype gets slightly weaker, while the current ones (Shaddolls, Qliphorts, etc.) get hit hard to accommodate for it. That way, we'll have a way nicer game and Konami can still make money. Unfortunately, though, I sense some huge powercreep coming.

    Ah, 4Kids. xD Honestly though, if they preserved the original soundtrack of 5D's, I'm sure waaay more people would like it. Heck, even I would be able to enjoy the dub (corny dialogue and all) if they kept it in. And Pokémon is living evidence that 4Kids CAN preserve the original music. But in 4Kids' defense, they were almost broke by the time 5D's came out. xDDD

    Unfortunately, my HUGEST problem is my severely limited game pool (which can hinder potential conversations... sigh). As of right now, the only other 3DS games I have are Pokémon Y, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, and my DS games. >_> What about you?

    Aw, yes. I heard about the new series recently, and I was hyped. Honestly, I believe that Tai(chi) got shafted way too hard in his own series, and he got shafted even worse in 02, which sucks. But I'm glad that the writers can finally redeem themselves and give him some more development. Can't wait! xP

    EDIT: I think I'll be asleep now. See ya later!
    It's fine. xD

    Pretty much, along with many other cheap business tactics involving the banlist.

    Yusei's not supposed to know Ushio; I have no clue why the dub did that. xD

    Haha yeah, but if the shadow realm can exist, then I'm sure vacations in other dimensions can, too, lol.

    Yeah... what sucks even worse is that a majority of the cards from the show get nerfed so hard (to the point of uselessness) even though Konami's exclusive archetypes are sitting there hogging all of the power. Although, they recently stopped this practice with the ARC-V era, but that doesn't change what they did to all of those other cards in the past.

    The Smash game went pretty well. Furball and I won about the same amount of times, haha. Thanks for asking. xD

    At least, on a positive note, I thought the dub of Digimon Savers was incredibly good... either that, or I have horrible memory. xP
    Haha, but you see, the trick is that they only ban (or limit) the most important card(s) of that archetype, while leaving everything else intact. As a result, this causes the old archetype to be extremely weak against the new ones.

    YES! I totally forgot to bring up the whole Trudge/Ushio thing. xD
    But yeah, at least the dub of Digimon Xros Wars was renamed to "Digimon Fusion," so we don't have to see it as the same show. As for YGO, they're not lucky enough (except for Duel Monsters). xD

    Yeah, I'm sure they at least kept that much in Zexal's dub.

    As for ARC-V, don't worry about spoilers; I think I'm up to date with it. xD
    But yes, they might bring back the "shadow realm" for all we care, or they'll say that he's going to turn into a loser, or whatever, lol.

    Haha, I guess Konami doesn't even think about it because they put money first, then consumers. xD

    Have fun watching Zexal! (It's better to watch things with an optimistic attitude, given you aren't watching some butchered dub, lol)

    And thanks!

    They ban/restrict powerful cards of old archetypes so that people can buy the new ones. xD

    Yeah, I feel that way too. xD I'm sure the wiki lists the differences for a majority of the episodes, but not all of them.

    Actually, I have no clue what they did with Yuma's parents, lol.

    Hmm, I think he disappeared before the duel, rather than losing, but I need to double check.

    Yes, apparently so. And according to Konami's logic, swords/knives are fine, but scissors aren't. xD

    Okay, sounds good. xP

    Also, sorry in advance if I'm gonna have late replies, because I'm gonna be playing Smash Bros. 4 with Furball. xD
    Ah, in that case you literally left off at exactly episode 40. xD

    Yep, and they also use the ban list as a marketing ploy, as well.

    Yeah, Crow's jokes in the dub were pretty corny.
    As for plot changes, there were way too many. xD
    Here are a few that I remember:
    -All of Jack's symbolism regarding being a king is removed.
    -The D-Wheel that Jack stole from Yusei got destroyed in an accident in the original, but it became Jack's current D-Wheel in the dub.
    -In the original, Jack thought that leaving his friends was a giant sacrifice on his end in order to grow into a true king (and he realized that he was wrong), but all of this got cut out.
    -In the original, Yusei hated himself because his dad invented Momentum, which killed millions of people and left Jack and Crow without parents, but the dub either removed this completely or toned it down so severely that it became a negligible plot point.
    -Everything involving Kiryu was toned down and nullified
    -All sad/heartwarming/emotional moments were nullified into generic scenes
    -Heck, all symbolism was removed
    And that was only the first two arcs, it gets even worse after. >_>

    Watch them find ways to tone down the already lighthearted aspects in ARC-V. xD Also, as for Sora's scissor Furnimal, Konami of America already censored that for you. Apparently, scissors are bad for kids. xD

    Back at you, man~
    Ahh, unfortunately I can't tell you because it involves Vector. xD And seeing it dubbed would immediately skew your perception on it anyway, so some things are best left unseen. xP

    Yep, I'm sure you'll like his character, especially if you manage to get to the plot twist without getting it spoiled. =P

    As for overpowered archetypes, they do that just to give players an incentive to buy new cards. So it's just greed, really. xD

    Yeah, other than corny dialogue, stupid plot changes, poor execution, and lack of emotion, the only thing wrong with the 5D's dub was the lack of its original soundtrack, lol.

    Hmm... ARC-V, I think the dub will be slightly better than 5D's, but still bad due to "regulations" and supposed "kid-friendliness." Speaking of which, I like your avatar. It IS Yuya, is it? (Slap me if I'm wrong. xD)

    Anyways, I gotta go for today, but it was really nice meeting you. At first, I was scared that I wouldn't be able to hold up the conversation, but it looks like things worked out pretty well.

    See you later~
    Haha, I'm sure they did ruin it. xD And considering Shark's entire army died in front of him, I wouldn't be surprised if the scene was removed completely, lol.

    Yep, I agree with you completely. If I recall correctly, I think Yuma only said something like "Astral... Astral is..." in the original, rather than "where are you."

    Haha, yeah. Luckily by the time Vector is introduced, he isn't the only good thing about the show.

    As for the new archetypes, we now have "Shaddolls" and "Qliphorts." Shaddolls are an insanely overpowered (and degenerate) Fusion deck who auto-win against anyone who uses Synchros, XYZs, and even other Fusions. And I don't even want to bring up Qliphorts... xD

    Yep, that's so true. Apparently, their excuse is that they have regulations and whatnot. (And I think I remember that exact scene from Digimon. xD) However, having corny dialogue is a little... well, inexcusable. They could at least try to make it sound reasonable, but oh well.

    And yeah, the Zexal dub is pretty much the worst dub I've seen in my life. The dub of 5D's was incredibly dull, but at least it didn't make me want to puke. (The original version of 5D's is still infinitely better than the dub, though. xP)
    Yep, but I won't spoil it any more for myself. xD

    Yeah... after seeing that clip, I REFUSE to watch Shark's tragic flashbacks dubbed. >_> I actually liked the scene you showed me in the original, because the dialogue made more sense, and it was a lot... quieter. The soundtrack was also more memorable, which really helps.

    If you ever DO decide to continue Zexal, try not to give up until you reach episode 99 or so, where a character named "Vector" is introduced. And please do not look him up, because the plot twist involving him is so bizarre that it's not worth spoiling. =P
    Heck, I've even seen instances of people hating Zexal but still liking Vector... that's how bizarre he is. xD

    Good guess, but archetypes actually refer to recurring names, such as "HERO," "Gagaga," "Junk," etc.

    It's fine; I usually do that stuff too, so I know how that feels. xD
    Haha, that kinda makes me feel better, so thanks! xD

    It really does get better if you survive the first 60 episodes. At episode 65, I was really impressed with the series, and I kinda got spoiled that some really tragic things happen toward the end (along with the return of Yugi).

    About the Zexal dub, you should not take any of it seriously. I'm usually neutral to both dubs and subs, but with Zexal, it was almost as if the dubbers were TRYING to make it bad. I've seen much of the first season dubbed, and random episodes of the later seasons, and it was clear that they were intent on removing anything that had any emotional value to it.

    Konami? Oh, yeah... about them... Well, they're making all of their new archetypes stupidly broken to the point where the game isn't fun playing anymore if you're using an old deck. (By old, I mean January 2014 or earlier)

    Ahh, okay. That's a relief. xD
    Yes, I'm weird like that. xD

    GX is actually pretty good, but the first 60 or so episodes are pretty painful to get through. If you ignore the bad placement of fillers, it actually has good character development, most notably through Syrus/Shou. I'm only at episode 65, where the Kaiser (Zane) went through some... interesting development, lol.

    Honestly, from watching all of the series, I can safely say that NONE of them deserve hate, not even Zexal. I hated Zexal at first because the designs looked horrible and I saw the dub... However, after finishing it subbed, it somehow became my favorite series, though I still consider 5D's the best (for now).

    And don't sweat it about the card game, because Konami always finds ways to make it a bad experience with their powercreep. xD

    (Also, sorry for the tl;dr-inducing post... it's a really bad habit of mine. xD)
    Nah, it's all good. I was actually away for some of that time, as well. xD

    Ah, I see. To be honest, I've seen all of them. O.o
    I'm in the middle of ARC-V, and I'm currently re-watching GX subbed because I hardly remember the plot.

    Do you play the card game, by any chance? If not, it's fine. I haven't been playing it seriously in a while.
    It's fine, he told me to expect you. xD

    Not bad, how about you?
    (Furball also told me that you happen to like Yu-Gi-Oh, btw)
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