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  • Nothing much.Wanted to make a game for the game jam,but doesn't think that i can do it now.What luck!
    Hi,it seems you are coming online after a long time,i thought you were up to making a game game,how is it going?
    Hi Lucario.I did all the things with walking template.Just the work on running temp left.After that,i can do the program.So the work will be over with December.
    I think i will work on it soon.I was thinking if halting it as i had started to make my own game but now,i an thinking about stopping the idea.I read about what happened to many fan games.I was planning a big game.But I don't want to get in any legal issues.So,I will truly have time for that.
    I asked soccersam and zeak for help and thankfully both of them were able to find the template.And the one which soccersam found was in the forums.So,thanks for trying for it.
    Hi Lucario.You know,I dont think i will reach anywhere in gen 3 sprite making.I cannot distinguish which is which in those sprites which makes animating them really difficult.If you ever come across any nice gen 3 ow template,can you message me the link?Thanks in advance.
    Thanks for the feedback.Making gen 3 is easy as their size is small.And Fr Lg is almost a 3d style.
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