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    Also I just learned you like JoJo. I'm a massive fan. 8)
    It really is a lovely song, the saxaphone, the guitar... it's so well put together.

    Check out Low, Heroes and Station to Station for sure. All three are stunning albums, the latter being one where I like every single song. Station to Station is his most accessible album for sure. Low and Heroes are beautiful listens and highly influential albums as far as I'm concerned. Low also has my favourite Bowie song on it! :]
    Not at all! I'm really happy to be talking to someone who is learning about Bowie and is interested in him. Don't worry about anything. I will confess that I'm a bit of a Bowie nerd though, haha.

    The middle section of Blackstar is heavenly. I remember first listening to it and being pretty blown away as all of the teasers for the song were the chanting. Dollar Days is really nice too, and accessible for most people too I'd imagine. Sue isn't so great, I've gotta agree. The original version is stronger but even then I'm not much of a fan. Just not my style.
    i edited my message btw ;D not sure if you saw it before i edited it, haha
    Agree. It is a bit weird how we idolise celebrities but David hasn't wanted to be a big celebrity anyways. He had kept himself out of the media and public eye for a long time.

    The views for Blackstar and especially Lazarus promo videos only shot up once David died. The new album was heading in a good direction before he died but David's fame was definitely on the more quieter side in recent years.

    That's a great way to look at it, I'm glad you see it that way.

    Just curious, what's your favourite song on the album?
    Critics aren't always so bad, but hate is too strong an emotion for someone like him I feel. I know about both of what you refer to, but he was cleared of all charges for the former for good reason. The "victim" even expressed how sad they were at his death and that they had been longtime friends. People will dig up any kind of negative information they can to make someone look bad, even in death which shows that we're quite a nasty society. I sincerely doubt any of these people took any time to look into his life or career to see that he isn't a nasty person whatsoever, nor is he a pedophile or a rapist.

    And yes, he did make some nasty statements during 75/76 but the amount of cocaine he was taking was insane as you mentioned.
    I don't imagine how anyone could really hate Bowie honestly. He's a lovely man as far as I'm concerned and he's been a massive influence on the music industry throughout the years. I was heartbroken when he died for sure. He's a massive hero of mine.
    Blackstar is an insane album. I'm a massive fan of Bowie so I might be a bit bias but it's a wonderful thing honestly. Especially love I Can't Give Everything Away which in my opinion is one of his finest songs in his entire career.
    oh right I've heard of him/them, always just kinda assumed I wouldn't dig it and never tried it out. maybe I should
    excellent post in the album cover thread, love those all except for the second to last one which I don't recognize!!
    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!
    Bored I guess lol I dunno, I found a few things I was interested in, game related so yeah. Also I wanted to post my youtube videos as well.
    haha yes! you responded to my VM. :D

    Yeah, 'tis been a while, seems like I shall be here for the long run.
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