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Luka S.J.
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  • I'm creating a Pokemon Game and i just downloaded the your EBS (Elite Battle System). I cannot seem to find how to slow down the depletion rate of the health bar. The newest download only came with on giant zip file with everything I need and 1 script for the EBS. I also had to download the Scripting Utilities as well for the battle scenes to run. Do you know by chance what i need to change to fix this? Your help would be greatly appreciated for sure!
    Ok, now I got it. But a new problem appeared. The game starts just fine but when I try to use a Slot Machine it crashes again. Without your Plugins it works.

    Script 'Interpreter' line 276: RuntimeError occured.

    Script error within event 15 (coords 6,10), map 13 (Game
    Exception: ArgumentError
    Message: MarinUtilities:165:in'rand'wrong number of arguments(1 for 0=
    ***Full script:


    Again, thanks for helping me out
    I see. Now I tried to run the original version of Pokemon Essentials 17.2 without changing anything and this message appears.

    [Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]
    Exception: NoMethodError
    Message: undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass
    PField_Field:402:in `call'
    EventHandlers:54:in `trigger'
    EventHandlers:49:in `each'
    EventHandlers:49:in `trigger'
    MapFactory:254:in `setMapChanging'
    MapFactory:124:in `setup'
    PScreen_Load:360:in `pbStartLoadScreen'
    PScreen_Load:331:in `open'
    PScreen_Load:331:in `pbStartLoadScreen'

    So yeah it is not EPI or EBS related but this is the original file and I am also not able to do a "Playtest" on this File.

    Thanks for your quick answer, I appreciate it.

    I need help here. I installed the Elite Battle System with EPI. I did all that it takes but I keep getting this Error message. What should I do? Please help me
    Whats your Favourite Anime?..
    I don't have any because everything is the best in anime!
    Fairy Tail Holds a Special Place in my heart.. and highschool DxD too does hold another special place
    > You can consider yourself relieved.

    Wow, I'm sorry if I pushed you over the edge on this decision. That doesn't make me relieved at all. I didn't intend to make you want to quit, and I was going to say to you in that thread what I'm to say now:

    I frequent a subreddit where our motto is "This is supposed to be fun. If it's not fun right now and is pissing you off, you should take a break for a little while." Sometimes it's good to leave for a while and take some time off, but if you truly are passionate about this stuff, you'll want to come back later on with a fresh view and calm mind on things. Burning bridges is not a good way to leave because it locks off your chances of coming back if you really want to and it leaves a lot of people pissed off behind you.

    And honestly, when you're on the internet, things don't tend to die. There might be someone else out there who would be willing to take up the projects you leave behind or try to delete behind you. Pulling that stuff down only results in it falling out of your control, in the end.

    It fascinates me that the apparent problem with this community is that it is growing. That subreddit I frequent has a problem where its community is constantly dwindling, and elitism against the occasional random newcomer ("casuals") only causes things to get worse...
    ..Apparently so. Aside from only being the one layer of parallax, it's pretty much what I was looking for. Odd that it's associated to tilesets, though.
    Hello. So I do not see any download links for anything regarding the EBS on my screen. Could this be due to the hack on the 26th, or is there just something wrong with my browser?
    Perhaps. The jist of it is that parallaxing is when you have a background or foreground object that moves at a different speed than the 'camera' in the scene. For instance, that's how a lot of platformers in the SNES era conveyed depth to environments(1 or 2 parallax layers at different speeds) and most impressively how Street Fighter 2 created those beautful pseudo-3D stages(Like a million parallax layers that were automatically generated by slicing the environment sprites by rows of pixels).

    What I'm trying to figure out is a way to define a background image for a map, and then have that move at a different rate than the player(probably either on a sin curve or on a linear scale of 1/2 speed or something based on relative x position on the map) to create the illusion of 3d depth. The big issue is that I have no idea where to start looking to insert a background into an RMXP map, as in my own object-based engines I've just made game objects tied to the camera and hard-coded the relevant math.
    Hey Luka, since a lot of your work is more on the graphics side and I'm largely unfamiliar with RMXP scripting, I figured you might be the one to ask - do you have any recommendations on how to approach implementing parallax layers into maps? I have an effect I'd like to try and mess with but didn't realize that the feature was dropped only for XP.
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