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  • Just uninstalled devkitpro. And now it doesn't want to do ANYTHING anymore. Furtthermore, I still do not have correct permisssions, and when trying to correct them, "pacman-key" is not found.
    If possible, would you be able to direct me to a decomp Discord that offers advice (but isn't PRET) - I'm trying to port an Emerald QoL to FRLG but can't seem to fully make it work. Thanks for reading this :)
    Thanks mate, been off for a while, I'll do what I can to update tomorrow :) hope you're well x
    Hello Lunos,
    I wanted to get back into hacking and tried to re-enter the RHH discord (I had left about half a year ago) but it turned out that the invite in the Github repo is expired. Could you inform them of that? Sorry to disturb you, but I don't know where else to ask. Thanks in advance!
    The other members are aware of situation and this would be old news to them. I'm having difficulty parsing the intentions through the translation, and I'm not willing to make a fool of myself relying on machine translation. There are those in the community who are better equip to explain than I and they have already talked with BZL specifically.

    I'm sad to hear that they are dragging other communities into this.
    Thanks for informing me about this. My response to this is. I have no close connection or connection at all to the patreon/donation sites involving Moemon Development or any Moemon team that profits over Moemon romhack/sprites/artworks. I'll be sure to tell the other Moemon romhackers(that aren't really connected to any patreon/donation sites to clear up the issue) about this case.

    About Moemon Bonds it isn't associated or involved with any patreon or donations of Moemon Development or Moemon Project or anything that involves profits. It's just a romhack with sprite swaps and modifications and just like any romhack it's free to access and play. The Moemon sprites used in the hack are credited to the specific sprite artists as well.

    Also, the hack is solely a one-man development team. Meaning it is not connected or related to any Moemon project or Moemon team even it's not from the Japanese community.

    Rest assured I'll be sure to credit the artists who created the sprites used in-game and won't make any money out of it. More so, it won't become associated to any team that has patreon/donation site even in the future.
    I might try that in bit, I was just on the pret discord getting help and w have not been able to install linux even lel. Cygwin I might have to go to.
    Huh, this is weird. It didn't work on my laptop, so it looks like it's my individual problem. Thanks for the info.
    Hi there.
    It means that if you load Delta Emerald on VBA all you get is a black screen where you can't press or do anything.
    Done! I have moved it. And yes. You may report threads that are posted in an incorrect area c:
    Sorry for the late reply. it seems it's been moved already. I couldn't check your message until today. Anyway thanks for the report.
    Oh, well damn :/ okay then. No problem, I just wasn't aware until now since I'm not online very often. Thanks anyway for helping in previous versions, with the guides and everything.
    Hi Lunos, how have you been? I found out that there's an update for Adv Red Chapter, what extras and changes are in it which I have to include in the walkthrough?
    Glad to hear that! In my country Government is asking for parents' opinion on when to reopen schools. Probably, everything will be normalized again from November if God wills!
    Well, no dignified hacker would be happy with just that, would he? But I have some other plans for 2021, so as for now, I would be very much happy if this copy-paste stuff works without any hassle. I wonder if I'll ever get time to delve deep into hacking. Thanks for your time Lunos.
    Moreover, How's the COVID-19 condition in Uruguay? Are you under the dreaded lockdowns? I hope things everything is alright there!
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