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  • Hi yes i tried Digimon linkz but its not for me, but i like Digimon models and animation
    Heck yeah it's Hyper Light Drifter! (: Sorry I took awhile to respond! Currently finalizing relocating so I stepped away for a few days to get things squared away!

    I beat the game but the collectathon is a process. I think I've gotten....all the guns and nodes so far. Currently working on the 16 slates but I keep getting side tracked. I don't even want to think about playing NG+ for one of the achievements cause I already know of certain bosses are going to fuck me up ):
    Whoops lol :P Haven't played it myself but have watched full LP's of it. Do you enjoy turn based games? Cause that's what it is, but I'm sure you'd like it!
    Well my laptop is from 2012, it has an Intel Core i3 2350m, it uses integrated graphics and it heats up really fast as well haha. {XD} and as a finishing touch it has a dying hard drive which I will most likely replace with an SSD which my dad won in an eBay auction.
    Not a problem for me since this computer is fine for what my dad has to do, but when I want to use it a bit, I find it annoying lol.
    It should be fine anyways. I've played Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 for years on this thing! good ol' days.
    Oh nice! I guess it will be on my list of next games to buy, this is another game for which I always hear positive reviews from people who have played it. It also doesn't look like a demanding game so I could play it even on the crappy laptop I have at the moment. :P
    Oh haha good luck on your move! And also yeah bad net is bad stuff, I had to deal with that for years.
    Thanks! I'll try Paladins when I'll be back home. Btw are you on vacation somewhere atm or have you already been somewhere? :)
    I was interested in Paladins too since it's a f2p if I'm not mistaken and it looks fun, I'm also planning to play Nier Automata since one of my friends recommended it to me. I'll do this when I'm back from vacation, right now I don't have my usual PC with me. lol
    No and I barely know something about it, though I always keep hearing that it's a good game and it's intriguing me as well. Shame I don't have OW btw. Maybe I'll get it when I start working and I'll have my own money. :P there are so many things I want to get.
    No, I don't have it unfortunately haha. But I have some other games such as Rocket League, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Terraria, Payday... I'm more of a FPS person as you probably can tell. {XD}
    Great! Yes, every case has to come with a power button to connect to your motherboard in order for it to work properly aside for the cables for the reset button, the HD activity LED and the POWER LED.
    The last two are optional and may not be present in every case, especially the cheapest ones.
    As for recording you will be completely fine with that hardware. :)
    Oh ok! 16 Gigabytes are plenty for gaming, you pretty much could also use that for some video editing, something I struggle a but with my PC if there are lots of programs running since there are only 8 Gbs of RAM available.
    For the case, as long as it supports mATX motherboards you should be okay! :)
    Overall it's good, I'm pretty sure it will do better than my rig in games thanks to the graphics card (considering I've built mine in 2014), the processor is good for gaming and 8 GBs of RAM is also totally fine for now in games, make sure to get a single stick though so if you want to upgrade later and add some extra RAM you'll have a free slot on your motherboard.
    As for the power supply, LC Powers are decent, but if you want to go for something a little bit more quality, then I can recommend you a VS series power supply from Corsair (I have one, a VS650, and after 3 years it's still going strong), or an Enermax Naxn (my brother owns one and after 2 years it still works perfectly) with 500 watts of power which are plenty to handle your components.
    I'm recommending you these power supplies based on the pricings I have in my country so, unfortunately, they could differ depending on where you live.

    So yeah congrats! Pretty cool rig indeed. ^^
    I see no case though, did you think about one?
    Oh great! I built my own PC too! Do you already have an idea on what components you will be using?
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