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  • Yeah, another game jam would be awesome. Presently I'm weighing the options as to what I'd like to do. Additionally, I think the wait between sign ups and start of the event deterred some people, as two of the five participants had scheduling conflicts arise within the day or two right before. I'll keep you posted, and thanks for letting me know that you're interested.
    Any problem just say i will help :)
    If not respond means i'm sleeping xD
    Go play make fun ;)
    You can play then on Emulator i going offline
    We have same timezone Yes :D
    Thanks for good luck :)
    I going PM you link emulator The game 100% free great ;)
    Good to hear :)
    Good luck
    Essentials also my hobbie everyday i try things
    Wiki helps alot when you are making a game and want know some things right?
    You just maked me want play PMD Skies xD
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