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  • Just a quick question. I saw that you replaced Oak's intro sprite in your hack Sky Twilight. Can you tell me how you did it, if you did it using Unlz where is the sprite located?

    I'm having difficulties with this, I can find the hero/heroine intro sprite and Blue too but I can't find Oak's sprite anywhere. Thank you.
    Hello Hero!
    I am Turjo aka Mugdho01.I am trying to hack a FireRed Rom but not gaining any level.
    So, I would like you to help me. Firstly, I need you to insert tiles in my hack.The hack can be downloaded in the Thread in the Beginner's Lounge. The Game's name is Pokemon Spark.

    Thanks in advance.And, remove the http in the front of the link or you won't be able to download it.:)
    Luxio Hacks? I am so, so, so, so very sorry for not responding for almost a year...=(
    Sorry 'bout that. I'll understand if you'll decline, we have slow connections here in my country, but can you help me with my hack? Once again? =)
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    im going to check out your rom hack and im gonna let you know what I think, is there a different story line to the original game you hacked
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