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  • Oh heck yeah, THE LEGEND HIMSELF RETURNS!!! :D

    Looks like that means the operation was a success! 😇 Welcome back, buddy! I hope your birthday has been great! c:
    Awww, hopefully you can catch a break soon! In the meantime, this lil' guy is gonna give Shrewy a run for his money! :')

    23.7. sounds good.

    You tell me. I already described you how much of a free time I have on Discord.
    OMG ayyyyy, my favorite Sandshrew is back!!!! :D :D :D Missed you, buddy... </3

    Well I kinda did miss the date too. We should decide on the exact date to be sure next year.

    That's great. You can join Halloween event if you want.
    imho Wobbuffet would make great boss in the setting where players can only use Physical moves on let's say even turns and Special on odd turns. And when players beat it, it breaks into 3 Wynauts.
    It's still time for GT event. Together, we can make Three Wynaut in a Wobbuffet coat a reality. But I don't think it would work in short campaign. It's a shame.
    So you're following my steps, hmmm? XD Good luck on your internship!

    Three Wynaut in the Wobbuffet's costume is be just what it sounds it is. It would have Wobbuffet sprite on the outside and no one would know that it's actually three Wynaut. It can take one action per turn and all three Wynaut have the same moveset. But after taking a lot of damage, they might lose the balance and scatter on the squares around. Now that I think about this is something that must be done! Can I please bring it in as substitution of CodeHelmet?
    OMG SUPER LATE HERE, but I'm back to pick up where we left off!! :D :D :D

    Thank you again for the wonderful birthday wishes, my friend!! ❤ I appreciate it very much! But hold on...



    On second thought... I forgive you. *o* Fluffy birds can help you get away with pretty much anything... x)
    I teach (or taught, because it was the end of the school year yesterday) math/computer science (and sometimes physics) at highschool (15-18 years old kids), but I study teaching math/computer science at middle school (12-15 years old kids). If that makes sense. I told you it's a weird here. But now that I think about it I don't think I know what are you studying?

    And you should do at least special PvE map, with possible items that could be transferred to the main game.
    Also scratch Wnaut. I want to be 3 Wynaut in the costume of Wobbuffet now. No wait! 2 Wynaut and Pyukumuku in costume of Wobbuffet.
    Well, it's quite hard to answer to be honest. While I'm already teaching, I still need a Master Degree to be full-fledged teacher. It's a weird situation created by the lack of teachers here.

    Anyway, the GT's recruitment thread is open and I'm looking forward for event round of FTE there. What Pokémon should I choose this time... I'm feeling like Wynaut this year.
    Hi Rival!

    I figured out I'll pull a good old Gary Oak-ish rival and motivate you by saying that I got my Bachelor Degree 2 weeks ago. Good luck! I hope it's going well for you so far.
    And I'm looking forward beating you at this year's GT. If you can even get that far...

    Thank you so, so, SO much, Lycan! I'll be back next week to give a proper response! <33333333333 I have a rather... nauseating project due very soon, ahaha. ;__;
    OMGGGGG YOU'RE BACK, HURRAY!! <33333333333

    (Also, good question! I have quite the identity crisis as always, LOL.)
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