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  • I really hope life is going well for you, Lycan!! Can't wait to see you back here. ^_^

    Again, best of luck with your studies! You've got this!

    Life is probably kicking your arse but today marks 31 days since Intermission began. Everyone but Meta has checked in(I have no idea what's preventing him from doing so seeing as his account has been active lately) but was curious as to when Chapter 4 will begin? End of the month is going to be a bit crazy as I'll be out of town for a couple days this week and the week after that is the NFL Draft(I take it seriously that Thursday through Saturday lol). So... I'm thinking April 28th would be a solid start date no?
    Oh, are you sure that's all you saw? D: Aww, rats... I can't believe I let that good-for-nothing Sandshrew get away! ;__;

    As for my dying phone, does creamating count? Instead of burning it to ashes, I think freezing it with ice cream sounds a lot better!! :D

    (By the way, I hope everything is going well with your exams! ❤)
    Darn it! Hey buddy, did you happen to spot a suspicious Sandshrew nearby? The little rascal escaped from my sight! (And my phone is about to die LOL.)
    I've been pretty well, busy with uni, but overall doing well.

    Is that an owlbear in your profile pic?
    Feel free to end Team B's battle. Aldo posted but no one else appears to be active right now :/ Simple last round moves with Susato buffing 3 of the 4 attackers with Helping Hand from E13. That buff ought to be enough to take Simisear down with Glacier to C15(Feint Attack), Unicorn to C16(Quick Attack), Alex to D14(Bite) and Mercy to E14(Shadow Sneak).
    I definitely feel the "too many things at once" part. I actually went back to school for accounting. I should have an associate's degree after the fall semester and then I'll either get a new job or continue and pursue my bachelor's. That plus working has taken up most of my time, but now that the end is in sight (for now) I can get back into my hobbies a bit more, including coming back to PC!

    The name thing is weird. I'm attached to Wicked3DS because I've had it for so long, but for that same reason, I kind of want to move on from it. I have to think of something good before I change so that's still up in the air.

    but if I go retro it's definitely WickedPong
    Thanks for the welcome back! I love the Sandshrew rolling out gif. How're things going?

    I actually thought about WickedSwitch but it's too obvious
    Hey Lycan, let me know when you want the chapter 3 threads closed! (Or poke Revise haha) I thought you might want to wait till both are wrapped up, though. ^^
    Thanks for the scyther Lycan. His ball matches him well :)

    Have many fun battles with your new torchic. Also a happy belated birthday my friend. Have a great week!
    Come to me when you need it. The doors of my palace always stay open and guests get the royal treatment :)

    That works out great then. I can make it. Just drop me a message when you are headed to the festival plaza and I will meet you there.

    See you soon!
    That sounds both poignant and familiar, trying keep sanity in a nutty world. You are a cool friend Lycan, and if you ever want to talk about anything that is eatting away at you, you can always come to me and kick back and chat.

    I don't know if you are busy now, but if you are online I have an hour and a half left lunch and can trade with you now if this is a good time.

    YES! The best ice cream only contains nearly non-existent traces of actual ice cream, after all. ;) The more purple sludge, the better! :D

    Hehe, great to know that you're so forgiving to your minions! ;D And come on Lycan, what else did you expect from me? xD You should know by now that we can't spell "Revise" without "Photoshop." xD Well... maaaaybe we can, but that's aside the point!!

    Awww haha, YOU'RE the best!! :D :D :D

    By the way...

    DON'T DODGE THE QUESTION, BUDDY. You can't slip your way out of prison a dungeon just by being forgetful, you know. ;)
    Oh, its cool Lycan no problem. I have been busy myself so it actually works out fine. I will be around later this evening if you want to trade with. Tomorrow or Tuesday will be fine too. I'm still on Eastern Standard Time just so you know.

    How has life been otherwise my friend?
    Hey Lycan,

    How's it going bro?

    Do you still want KFC? I still have some speed boost torchic no problem if you want to pick a cute critter up. I can also keep holding your partner if you are busy, no worries.

    Peace friend!

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