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  • Hello Lyn! :) I want to know my TSV. Asked Zhakien about it but we can't find time to trade. Is it okay if you can help me? :) I traded you my moon ball rock ruff and beast ball snivy :) Can you use them to check it? Thanks IGN: Iceshard I can trade you others if they won't work. Thank you

    I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post his in your thread or pm you... either way, would you mind checking my TSV? And if so, what do you need to do it?
    Okay sure take ur time... Also wondering if you have a druddigon with rough skin it's okay if you don't have venipede that is if it's okay for you to trade it with growlithe thanks :D
    Hello there :) I'll prepare rockruff and snivy, just notify me if you're up for trade thanks :D
    Thank You! For helping me with my Genesect. Was going to reply in pm but a vm is nice.
    The 20th anniversary event pokemon are: Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, Shaymin, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Mew, Darkrai, Arceus and Genesect.
    But I already got all legendaries that I was looking for.
    Now I'm looking for Giratina, Tornadus and Thundurus with their Hidden Ability.
    I'm asking because I'm looking for them. :)
    I would like to have Ho-oh, Regigigas, Reshiram and Palkia.
    All normal, but if you only have a shiny one, no problem.
    What do you want in exchange?
    I have all pokes, all legedaries, all legendary events 2016 (except Genesect), all HAs untill Gen 6 and these HAs from Gen 7: A-Sandshrew, A-Vulpix, A-Geodude, Drampa. :)
    Hi, you seen to have a lot of pokes.
    Do you have any of these from Gen 6: Ho-oh, Palkia, Regigigas, Tornadus, Reshiram, Genesect (20th anniversary)?
    Oh sorry, didn't see these! Yes I can clone and trade back, just a minute. (Also, please let me know you need them cloned beforehand next time.)
    I see. That's alright. I'd still be interested in him and maybe more at a later date, if you have more too. For now, thanks a bunch! c:
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