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  • Since you inspired me to reboot the ROM Hack, I think I could use your help with the tiles. I forgot, what are tiles in Pokemon ROM hacking?
    You and another ROM Hacker on this forum are the only who knows about this project. I'm interested in learning how to ASM hack, especially since I made a patch for Super Mario Bros 3 to make the mushroom grant a hammer power up.
    I would like to continue this hack, since the idea is pretty different from the other rom hacks others has made. Plus, I love Borderlands 2!
    Earn random Pokemon loot drops from defeated trainers' team
    craft drugs for use or profit
    buy/gifted Pokemon from random NPCs
    Gained experience points converts to craft materials/currency instead of leveling your Pokemon
    Steal Pokemon from any NPCs or aid them depending on faction(?)

    This project has been put on hold for a while. I'd actually love to see a ROM hack similar to this.
    I actually still ROM Hack a little. Shortly, I had another interesting ROM Hack project of Emerald in work called BorderMonsters, which would be inspired by Borderlands and Grand Theft Auto's mechanics. I had a document of the ASM changes and features it'd have.
    Reading is one hobby. I am writing an expansive story called Lunatics' Luxury. This will be the main project I'll be working on for years to come. You may recall I used to insert music into Pokemon ROM Hacks. I am actually a music composer, and I will be making music on the side. Once I get stable with the music composing skill again, I think I'll be offering my music skills on Fiverr.
    That's cool. You know how to work on machines and electronics?
    I just made a farewell video on my YouTube channel. It's officially dead now. I moved to working on other projects/hobbies.
    I didn't know about Pokemon Uranium, but Prism was recently shut down.
    I'm still gonna make BorderMonsters not just because I want to, but to shake my fist at them metaphorically.
    I don't really have a reason for using Emerald in particular.
    BorderMonsters is gonna take place in Hoe-Inn, while BorderMonsters (Kanto) takes places in Kanto. The biggest idea I have is Kanto's events somewhat happens alongside the events of what is going on in Hoe-Inn. Things could always change though.
    To be honest, I barely made progress because I am still trying to implement a No EXP patch.
    Might have to just focus on the mapping and the story until I start putting focus on the other big stuff.
    The reason I say GTA barely had inspired something is because I'm thinking the overhauled Vitamins/Drugs system can play a part in being somewhat a criminal. Still up in the air, and while I agree balancing is a big issue I have to address, that was the reason I considered taking Rare Candies out altogether. The reason I renamed it and kept it is in the PM so you should know it.
    My dark humor is probably gonna be the main reason why some might not wanna play it (just a warning).
    I'm still wanting to make it, but knowing Nintendo is on a ROM Hack purge spree, if my hack gets very popular, they might take it down.
    Nope. PichuThunder has been canceled far before I left to go on my first hiatus.
    I'm working on BorderMonsters now, which is a Tom hack inspired by Borderlands, Minecraft (crafting), mixed with a little bit of elements from Oblivion. I'm messaging on phone so once I get on my computer I'll copy paste in the details.
    I will type in this: it's heavily influenced by Borderlands, so it's gonna be different.
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